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Green Dragon

I can't tell you how much it filled me with joy to have been given this assignment. I never actually played D&D, but I marveled at the D&D dragon art since I stumbled upon them as a girl and they gave me so much inspiration. And now I actually got to paint one! Officially! For Magic: the Gathering rather than D&D but all the same!

Many thanks to Zack Stella, my art director for this piece.

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This really well done and really cool.

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You need to be endorsed

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What does that mean, sorry?

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It means Deviantart uh likes ur art so much they show it to more ppl

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Why isn’t this endorsed by DA team

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I like how the breath fires from two side glands in the mouth. A nice Reign of fire ref.

Dragons can look like dinasours and other extinct animals. Because of that, it is easy to think that those animals might have been an example for dragons as they were thought of in the history of humankind.

Nox Vidmate Vlc

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RIP those soldiers! Great work you did the green dragon justice!

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This looks awesome!!!

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Little Trivia (but be warned!, this could be a bit to gorey for some): the Green Dragons poisonous Breath Attack likely consists of Chlorine Gas.

I often read stuff like "I hold my breath, so I'm not poisoned", but let me tell you: if it really breathes Chlorine Gas, holding your breath is about as useful as closing your eyes so others can't see you.

Chlorine Gas reacts with humidity, so even if you hold your breath for a very long time, it still reacts with the water in the air and in your sweat, not even speaking of your eyes, resulting in chemical burns, causing your eyes to go blind, and if you manage to breath the stuff in, slowly melting your lungs, resulting you to cough up blood and your own liquifying lungs.

If anyone wants to read up about this stuff, look for the "Attack of the Dead Men", the Battle of Osowiec durin WW1, where the German Troops used Chlorine Gas against the Russians.

And/or maybe listen to the History Version of the Song of the same Name by Sabaton.

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:wow: :jawdrop: :love: This came out so amazing!

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Ahhhhhh this is so COOL

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Very nice piece. Love to see that you actually stuck with the established asthetic of DnD dragons, as so many artists seemingly can't be bothered to do so for DnD art.

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Looking great!

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Stunning and terrifying! Well done!

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* Green Dragon casts [morning breath]

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absolutely smashing this is

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very well done!

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