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FREE Dragon Lineart

I've had various requests of people who wanted to color some of my lineworks or submit them to free line-art groups, but I've always had to turn them down because none of my line-art is personal, so it's never mine to give away. So here's a little something I hope people will find entertaining and/or useful :)! A free-to-use lineart of a generic dragon.


:bulletblack: This lineart is free for personal use. That means you can color it, adjust it, create characters out of it, basically do whatever you want with it.

:bulletblack: If re-submitted somewhere, link back to this deviation or simply mention that the original lineart is mine. I'd love to see it, too!

:bulletblack: Concerning adoptables, this lineart is now completely free of charge. You may sell it for points or real money, so long as you ALWAYS credit me for the lineart!

It's not very clean line-art, but my line-art never really is. If you're not familiar with .RAR-files, it's pretty much the same as a ZIP and can be opened with WinRAR (if you're having trouble, just send me a note and I'll send you the transparent file directly). Enjoy!

Artwork by Ilse "Lhune" Gort, 2012.

If you find someone using this lineart inappropriately, please notify me.
© 2012 - 2021 CaraidArt
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Used as a pose for Pneuma on Chatlands. Thank you!

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Went and colored this nice linework of yours:
  Dragon Orb by gamerd
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Nice work, thanks for sharing!
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Beautiful base, this is what I did
OPEN- Cosmic Dragon Adopt Auction by Monster-Menagerie
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Glad you were able to use it!
Really impressive work, good stuff! 
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Could you kindly send the transparent version? I love this lineart so much and my computer is pitching a fit when I try opening the .rar file in any way
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Never mind. I was able to find a link in the comments to download it and just finished making a new bab for myself ^^
i hope you don’t mind that I slightly edited the lines a bit ;; I made sure to credit you both on the art itself and in my TH!
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Ah, that's fine. Glad you found it!
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Howdy! I was wanting to color these lines but I can’t get the download link to work.. Is there any other way I can download the base?
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Didn't know about this dA account*! I'll let this here, I did it some months ago...…
I am terrible at both coloring and editing, but I hope its not too terrible... xD

*which was in fact listed on your FA one, I'm stupid ._.
Hi !
I have a website where you can play with virtual pets, can I use your line for it ?
Of course I'll write your DA profil in the description :)
Is it okay for you? 
Thank you :)
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Sure go ahead :).
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Flightless the dragon adopt by xXQueenofLycansxXthank you so much! I credited you!!
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Thanks for sharing, I'm glad you enjoyed the lines!
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i really did, it was fun doing it as well!!
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Used here:  Bright Dragon [OPEN] by Beetlebug16

Thank you!
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Most welcome, good luck selling!
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Ceylen the Gargoyle by Ger-Senpai
I'm not the best at coloring stuff but I think he turned out pretty cool. :3
Thank you for such a great lineart. It was fun to work with and it pushed me to do the best I could to try and do it justice. I even learned some new things along the way. 
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I'm glad you had fun with it! I like the orange and the skull-like facial marking! Nicely done ^^.
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