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Something I drew in between freelance work. I was suddenly struck with the urge to draw a muscular werewolf figure, so I did!

Might still draw clothes onto him and come up with weapon designs, but for now I can't afford to.

Artwork by Ilse "Lhune" Gort, 2012.
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Cool study. The dark eye surround makes me think of Wolverine. =)
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Beautiful job rendering the knees especially!
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Great work on the anatomy of his body. Looks perfectly proportioned, well done !
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Badass level clearly over 9000
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This looks awesome, wish he had a longer neck but I like the way you handled the idea.
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Yeah the neck will be fixed when I rework him :). Thank you!
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Those tiny pecs make me giggle.
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Don't mess with dem pecs! Haha, yeah they are on the small side. I'll size them up a little when I rework him :).
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I rather like them haha. It's always nice to see anatomy proportions modified to create a different, yet very believable look.
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Well I'm glad you still think they're believable :). I'm going to fix the neck issue when I can and see if I can rework the pecs a little while I'm at it. Thanks anyway!
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As someone suggested, I'd give him a bit more neck, and also a bigger muzzle. Currently the facial proportions are somewhat child-like, with the big cranium and small muzzle.

Other than that, this is incredibly well rendered -- Love his physique and the overall style. The exaggerated ears are an interesting touch, as well. :+fav: from me.
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He is slightly fox-based (that's what it started out as based on my inspiration) so that would explain the thin muzzle I guess. It was not completely unintentional at least, but thanks for pointing it out! Perhaps I can buff it up a bit when I work on the neck :).

Thank you for the comment and fav!
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:D that is the most amazing werewolf I ever show nicely done man

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Aw thanks so much!
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Now this is the sort of werewolf I like. Great job.
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Thank you very much :)!
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I personally like the design this way, it's simple but beautiful in a sense. Love the anatomy.
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Thanks very much :).
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