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For Jin322 on FA, of Hunter and his dragon companion Em enjoying a break in the sun :)!

Wallpapers, sketches and WIPs can be found on my Patreon.
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elearu-hiru-firetail's avatar
Are they just friends
Or is hunter and em more of a ...
Surrturgel un skulblaka... Sort of thing
Great art
CaraidArt's avatar
Just friends for as far as I've understood x3. Thank you!
kingdragon01's avatar
I really like that dragon!
empyrean-dreamer's avatar
I'm so happy I stumpled upon you today! Your art is amazing. :)
LoLo-is-SeaDoo-ing's avatar
The landscape is pure awesome :D But I have to say the dragon is just beautiful :love:
Silver-Zabrak's avatar
Amazing! I love the landscape and background of this piece. 
CaraidArt's avatar
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
Nice! B-) (Cool) Hunter seems to be quite a down-to-earth guy, while Em looks rather majestic and calm for a dragon.
Neat work, fellow deviant! :D (Big Grin) 
CaraidArt's avatar
Thank you kindly! Em is quite the scholar, I've heard ^^.
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
Interesting! You really can't tell that by Em's appearance. :) (Smile) 
But then again, appearances can be deceiving. ;) (Wink) 
Summer-Lynx's avatar
I really love the background and those characters look really cool too! :D
Crocofielius's avatar
Gosh, your stuff is so incredible!!! I really appreciate and love it all :) Keep it up!
CaraidArt's avatar
Thanks so much! <3
StewCat52's avatar
Beautiful rendering!
LDN-RDNT's avatar
One of the most graceful dragon form ive seen.
sugarpoultry's avatar
I'd like it with just the dragon personally. This is truly breathtaking! <3 
CaraidArt's avatar
Thank you sugarpoultry!
Ourshellves's avatar
This so real! I just don't get how could you achieve such level of believability. :la:
Hehe, proudly sunbathing dragon and his companion. Lovely scene. The background is also breathtaking. :meow:
CaraidArt's avatar
Thanks so much! I use lots of references :).
Ourshellves's avatar
But one has to know how to work with references. =P I mean, using them doesn't make your work any less spectacular. :D (maybe you only wanted to explain why is it so believable, but I can almost smell the huge amount of modesty behind your words. :D)
It's a great piece. Deal with it. :D 
I'm looking forward to seeing more. :meow:
have a nice day. :)
MaskedDragonLin's avatar
The atmosphere of this piece is great! The background goes well with the character.
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varjon's avatar
wonderful work *.*
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