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Commission for *PCRaven, of her two characters Nevar Morts (the bird) and Shaehlun (the white dragon) :).

Artwork by Ilse "Lhune" Gort / *Dragoness77
Nevar Morts & Shaehlun © *PCRaven
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Lovely feathers and scales, great job.
This is awesome!
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wow black white, like yin and yang ! balancing are good !
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Wow, great feather work. And nice job with those scales.
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Featured here: [link] :7
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Aw man, I'm so late to reply but thank you so much for that! Really appreciated <3!
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you're very welcome :)
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this is frickin awesome, its unreal :D
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That's one epic bad-ass of a picture! :star::star::star::star::star:

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Looks very nice! I like the tentacle-y things, and the shape of the chest scales. XD
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They look so powerful and epic! Love the staff
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Loving it! The raven man is beautiful, and I love the color choices. Loving the dragon, but confused about the tentacles. x3 I'm guessing the character has them, and it's an interesting touch.
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The dragon character, Shaehlun, has four tentacles on her back :). I've no idea why, they're not my design ^^.

Thank you!
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I am seeeriously jealous of your feather painting skills ;.;
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Wow! The feathers and scales look amazing! Really adore the pose and how these two characters fit together so well :)
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The bird is AWESOME! (The Dragon too, but I prefer the bird)
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