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Alone and Sublime

"This is a spilling of the heart
with no intent to fall apart
I don't feel like I'm even here
You may just watch me disappear

"Alone and Sublime" Mother Mother

Personal work.
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Simply magnificent. By the way, what is the predominant color in your fur (specific name)? Only for curiosity.
CaraidArt's avatar
Thank you! Ahh, it's rather subjective if I'm honest - but if I had to categorize this color it would probably be steel blue.
Fuego-fantasmal's avatar
Oh I see. I thank you for answering my question. Greetings.
Vuurstern's avatar
I love the lighting here!
AndreeaLupsaNL's avatar
Really cool artwork
VesaiasTheValiant's avatar
A gloomy, yet majestic portrait of our favourite tiger Lhune. Nod 
Wonderful work! Tiger Emoji-03 (Clapping) [V1] 
Proximasaur's avatar
Nice. Love the water... well, the rain. The face of this feline is gorgeous. :D :D
AnnaRDunster's avatar
Beautiful work. I love how the only clear focus is on the left eye. It really directs the attention
Limecrumble's avatar
you're such an inspiration to me, this is beautiful!<3 
suezn's avatar
Spectacular work!
wildivider's avatar
Such a beautiful face ♡
sydneygremlins's avatar
i saw this on reddit and downloaded it a few days ago, i recognised this 'cause of that. +1 follower
kittykatrocks21's avatar
Wow it almost looks like a photo
ReynaBluw's avatar
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SureTina's avatar
One eye stands out more because of the lighting and I just love that!
You're amazing
OfficialDiamondGirl's avatar
ahh thats so beautiful 
MysticalJelly's avatar
Greatness and sublime
DarkRBX's avatar
murloc82's avatar
this is amazing!
DragonsInHats's avatar
This is stunning!  Truly splendid!  I love the rain effects. ~
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