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String and Doe: Flaming Gauntlet of DEATH! Part 1
"Sorry, no kits allowed for the gauntlet," Def says with an apologetic grin. "You're not exactly... durable enough for something like this. Tell you what, though, you can draw yourself doing it with those dyes there," the Bengal says, gesturing at some near the gauntlet. "And take inspiration while watching other cats do it. Or, you could choose another challenge; no issue with that, of course."
String nods, only mildly disappointed. He was more interested in seeing the vehicles anyway, though it was unfortunate they wouldn't be able to try one out. "I still want to do it!" String eagerly declared. "Drawing it will be fun! And we can still hang out and watch the other cats!" He looked at Doekit. "What do you think?" He asked with a hopeful grin.
Doekit clicked her tongue, shoulder rolling to a slouch from Def's words. Her eyes narrowed as some of the adults passed them to start their challenge. Whatever Def said next was lost to her ears, her focus glued to the str
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Flower Dance by Caracal-Caracal Flower Dance :iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 9 0
Teamwork Babey Round 2
As soon as the three see their second challenge, they can tell this one is going to be way more fun.  Tall pillars obscured their view, making it hard to see the other side, but at least they could see it at all.  After the tight confines of the cave, such an open air obstacle is refreshing for all of them.
Now, they had a obstacle to get through.
String was drenched, and a little shaken, but clearly relieved to be out of the tight space. He crouched down and took a moment to relax and catch his breath. “I used Control Water,” He informed Flint and Bristle softly. He looked at the obstacle before them, creeping closer to the edge. “I think I’ll start animating my rope.” He scooted out of the way so he could focus.
Bristle, following close behind, approaching the edge. “This looks like water… I think we’re not allowed to touch it though. Otherwise we could just swim across.” He looked at the platforms. “We’ll ha
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A Discussion of Survival
🅱astardLast Wednesday at 12:04
Emberdrop moved noiselessly through Twilight Rim, followed by a few less than noiseless kits. Less than a week into this event and the resources where already barren. He considered taking a longer trip out later, supplies would run out at this rate. For now, he didn’t mind supervising the kittens, the experience was good for them.
String tries to restrain himself from bouncing along as he looks for anything of use with Bristle. He follows Emberdrop’s example and steps as lightly as he can. Marigold checks in nook and crannies nearby. “Do you two know what tool you’re bringing for survivor?” He asked. Flint and Bristle signed up for the event too. He wondered if he’d see them out there.
KrilloLast Wednesday at 13:10
Bristle trotted alongside his friend, eyes scanning the area for any valuables or plants. He inspected a couple of trees when he heard String's question "I'm not really sure, I haven't really thought
:iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 5 0
Flint vs. String Spar of the Century by Caracal-Caracal Flint vs. String Spar of the Century :iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 17 1 HvH Exhaustion Trials 20 by Caracal-Caracal HvH Exhaustion Trials 20 :iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 11 2
Findfeed that Bindweed
FoofToday at 20:41
It was a later patrol than Flint had been on before.  The sun was starting to set, casting long shadows behind the trees, making it easier for any ashen to hide.  Berryswirl had been more than happy to take them on one last patrol for the day, despite the time, and between the four of them it was decided Flint and Berryswirl could guard while the other two did what they wanted.
A suspicious movement in the brush caught Flint's attention.  He was quick to turn his knife on the potential ashen, but it turned out to be nothing.  Probably.  Better keep moving.
Repressed NerdToday at 20:48
Vulturekit padded close behind Berryswirl, peeking into bushes and scanning tree trunks with slitted eyes. She was still in a sour mood, had been for most of Haven vs Haven, come to think of it, but her spectacle with Def the other day had left her particularly petulant. Kicking a pebble, she glanced over at the others with a sigh.
"What was it we're looking for
:iconcaracal-caracal:Caracal-Caracal 7 1
Stringkit's Challenge of the Soul
String stepped through the gates of Babylon. The fur along his spine prickling in anticipation. Hopflight looked uneasy. He hoped Carrotkit and Beankit were alright, he hoped he’d see them inside, he liked working with others. There were several other kits waiting behind him, he tried to look confident to encourage them. Maybe they would all meet up inside, fight the wyrd, and celebrate together.
Once inside, there was a pause, ever so brief, a strange nothingness as his mind was seized away. Then, he was digging. He dug eagerly, digging was fun. He clawed into the ground, it felt like progress. He had a strange awareness of the area in a way he could only liken to a dream. You could always tell what was going on in a dream, even if you shut your eyes or looked away. You just knew. He knew, his body was long. He kept digging.
He dug a hole, his body long, his teeth bleeding. He could taste the blood, not in his own s
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