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Poland x Busty Chubby Reader - Swimsuit Annoyance
Poland x Busty Chubby Reader – Swimsuit Annoyance
Small Authors Note: Because I’m not sure how many people read the description I just wanted to say I’d like to request no hate for this please. I’ve run into some hate when I’ve said how I view guys in Hetalia and Poland is one of the major ones I encountered it on. I really like Poland, and pretty much all the guys, but I seem to be the odd person out a lot of the times because I don’t really see any of the guys as gay I see them all as bi or pansexual, especially France he’s so pan, because to me it makes the most sense. This comes from my own experiences with my friends, I know Poland may be hard to see as anything but gay but I have one friend just like him and he’s probably the straightest guy I know. Sounds crazy but it’s true he’ll sit there and talk to you about clothes and hair and make-up then start talking like France about how he likes the boobs on that girl and wou
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China x Chubby Reader - Aru?
You were currently being dragged by your friend Alfred to somewhere you didn’t know and what for you didn’t know either.
“Come on dudette, we’ll be late!” Al shouted as he pulled you along the sidewalk.
“Late for what?” You asked again getting a little annoyed that he wouldn’t say anything along with the fact he’d just shown up at your house and just started dragging you away as soon as you’d opened the door.
“It’s a surprise (Your Name) now come on you can trust the hero,” he said laughing as she tugged your arm a little harder.
“Alright geez I’m going as fast as I can,” You rolled your eyes at him as he pulled you along. You were more or less used to this as you two and been friends for awhile, though it was a bit of a surprise to your friends given how you’re friendship had “officially” started.
~mini flashback~
You were at school walking down the hall with a couple of y
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Dragons in DunBroch ch10
Ch10 Because I Trust You
Merida jumped off Angus before he was fully settled and rushed to her room, grateful to not run into anyone. She flung herself on her bed looking at the ceiling, an engagement, talk of war, why was it all happening now? She'd just found a friend she didn't want to loose and now she might have to fight him? She closed her eyes for a moment to try and block the world out when she heard a sound by her window that she recognized instantly. She went to her window scowling and flung it open crossing her arms as she spoke, "I told ya to leave me be, Hiccup."
Hiccup and Toothless were doing their best to maintain altitude outside the window as quietly as they could.
"I wanted to see you," Hiccup said softly, with a growl of agreement from the dragon, "We need to talk."
"And what if someone see you? Eh?" Merida whispered intensely. "What then? Do ya know what my father would do if he saw a bloody Viking on a great dragon outside his daughters window?"
"I…I guess I
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Dragons in DunBroch ch9
Ch9 Does This Really Have To End?
Hiccup slowly and carefully walked into the river trying to make sure his metal leg didn't slip while Merida just strode in.
"Alright beast this is how it's done," Merida said as she stood still so the fish swam by. Making sure Toothless was watching she put her hands in the water and after a moment brought out a fish, making Toothless grin.
"Here," she said tossing it to Toothless who promptly swallowed it and made an expectant sound. Merida laughed and shook her head, "You have to catch some too."
Toothless let out an agreeing sound and tried to do what Merida had done but with his mouth.
"You to," Merida said pointing at Hiccup.
"Uh I don't know," Hiccup said not sure he could catch any while making sure his leg didn't slip.
"Here I'll show you," she said walking over to where Hiccup was. After showing him how to do it they both managed to catch a fish.
"Huh that was easier then I thought," Hiccup said not entirely sure what to do with the fish now
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Dragons in DunBroch ch8
Ch8 Don't You Know How To Catch Fish?
As they rode around Merida pointed out a few things like the other targets she used to train with, the Crone's Tooth by the Fire Falls, and the Ring of Stones, which Angus walked around. They searched for Toothless as they went, unfortunately having no luck. Coming up on a river Merida stopped Angus for a rest.
"I don't know where he'd have gone," Hiccup said sitting down by the edge of the river.
"Don't worry, we'll find him. He can't be that far off," Merida assured him as she petted Angus while he drank from the river. Angus suddenly stopped and let out a warning neigh as Merida felt something push on her back.
"Ah, there ya are, ye great beast," Merida laughed as she turned around to find Toothless standing there. He butted his head against her abdomen as Angus neighed anxiously behind her, unhappy about the great predator being so close. "Ah, Angus, calm yerself. I'm ok," she petted Angus' nose to calm him.
Hiccup smiled as he walked over, "Wo
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Dragons in DunBroch ch7
Ch7 Old Friends Arrive at DunBroch  
When they reached the harbor they saw the ship with Hiccup's father and friends was just arriving. Hiccup was the first to hop off Angus. Merida smiled at his eagerness to see his friends, hopping off as well. The sound of another pair of hoof beats made Merida and Hiccup turn round to see Fergus arrive as well.
"I see we all arrived at the same time," Fergus said hopping off his horse, "Let's go welcome them."  
Hiccup nodded as they all started down to the docks. As the boat pulled into the docks Hiccup snuck around Fergus to go see his friends.
Stoick, Hiccup's dad, jumped off the boat and was greeted by Fergus shouting, "Stoick!"
"Fergus!" Stoick shouted back giving his friend a hug.
Gobber was the next off after Stoick and noticing Hiccup he gave him a pat on the shoulder, "Looks like you survived on your own."
"Yeah I did alright," Hiccup smiled at him and waved at his friends that were coming off the boat now. Hiccup heard
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Dragons in DunBroch ch6
Ch6 What Do You Mean Engaged?!
A sliver of sunlight came through the curtains and hit Hiccup in the eyes. As he opened them and stretched he looked around, for a moment forgetting where he was, then he heard the sound of soft breathing and looking beside him he saw Merida on her bed still asleep. He remembered they'd talked all night, at one point Merida had gone and laid down on her bed so he'd sat with his back against it while they'd continued their questioning of each other. It seemed they'd fallen asleep in those positions. Hiccup stood as quietly as he could, he turned to Merida who was holding onto her pillow and smiled deciding it was best not to wake her. After making sure the cost was clear he slipped out of her room unnoticed. However as he tried making his way down stairs he was stopped by Elinor.
"There you are young man," Elinor said walking toward him.
"Good morning ma'am err Your Majesty," Hiccup said trying not to seem nervous.
"I wanted to tell you that your father's
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Dragons in DunBroch ch5
Ch5 Meeting The Family
They came upon the castle as the sunset which was quicker then Merida thought they would, but then again they were on a dragon.
"You might want to land there," she said pointing at a part of the forest by the castle, "I'm not sure how they'd react to seeing this great beast flying toward them."
"Good idea," Hiccup said maneuvering Toothless for the landing. Once on the ground they hopped off.
"Thank you for the ride lad," Merida said patting Toothless who gave a happy growl that she took for "you're welcome".
"I hate to say it buddy but I think it'd be best if you waited in the forest," Hiccup said earning an unhappy growl from Toothless, "We don't know how they'd feel about you in the castle."
"He's right. My dad would have an almighty fit if we brought ya in. We'll have to let you two meet before ya can come inside," Merida said trying her best to explain things to the dragon. Toothless gave a sound that sounded like he understood but wasn't happy with it, he n
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Dragons in DunBroch ch4
Ch4 Time with New Friends  
Since she'd never rode on a dragon before and wasn't sure what to expect Merida put her arms around Hiccup's waist as a precaution.
He smiled nervously then patted Toothless' side, "Okay Toothless, nice and slow now."
Toothless slowly spread his wings giving them a small flap.
"See?" Hiccup said in a reassuring voice, "Nothing to be afraid of."
Toothless smiled mischievously, having other ideas, and suddenly launched them straight upward causing Merida to scream from the shock. The acceleration was tremendous and every downbeat of Toothless' wings heaved them into the sky, doubling their speed like a rocket.
"Toothless, what are you doing?! We need her to like us!" Hiccup shouted hoping Merida was alright since she'd stopped screaming and was now hugging him for dear life, squeezing the breath out of him. Toothless ignored him and continued to rocket skyward, beginning to spin and tumble head over tail.
"And now the spinning. Thank you for nothing
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 10 5
Dragons in DunBroch ch3
Ch3 That's Your "Horse"?
"You're really related to Stoick?" Merida questioned again still in a bit of shock.
"Yes," Hiccup tried not to laugh as he spoke, "He sent me to tell Fergus he was accepting his invitation to come and talk, I'm not sure about what, and would be here in a few days. That's why I'm here, honest."
Merida gave him a once over then nodded, "I believe ya. I'll show you to the castle."
"Are you sure I mean I don't want to make you walk all that way," he wasn't sure how to explain he had a dragon to find.
"Don't worry it'll be my apology for shooting at ya. Besides Angus can take us," she said climbing on her horse's back.
"Well uh actually I have ride so…"
"Ya have a horse?" Merida asked looking around, "Where is he?"
"He's not exactly a horse," Hiccup wasn't sure how to explain about Toothless and before he even had a chance to Angus whinnied and reared up so suddenly he threw Merida off, then just as suddenly he raced off in the direction of the castle.
"You ok?
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 14 2
What now? A Labyrinth story Ch13
Ch13 You're who?!
Daniel had Cara follow him for awhile till they came to a field of flowers.
"That's weird," Daniel said
"What is?" Cara asked.
"We shouldn't be here I was trying to get you back to the beginning." Daniel covered his mouth once he realized what he'd said.
"What?!" Cara asked shocked "Is that why Ludo and I got separated? I thought you were my friend."
Daniel could see the hurt in her face, which only made him feel worse. "I am honest! It's just…"
"He didn't want you to leave so he and Jareth decided he'd make it so you couldn't win," a voice said.
Cara and Daniel turned to see a young woman in a dark blue gown with long black hair, like a hidden pool at midnight, she was holding some flowers in her hand as she turned her dark brown eyes settled on them and Cara's eyes widened slightly. She could have passed for her sister! She looked almost exactly like her and Niki; suddenly the woman broke out into a smile.
"Morgana Le Fay?!" Daniel shouted with evident surprise
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Dragons in DunBroch ch2
Ch2 The Girl from DunBroch
When Hiccup looked up he saw a large Scottish Clydesdale that was black as night with an ivory muzzle and fetlocks coming up to him, on its back was a slender looking girl who appeared to be around his age. She was wearing a blue dress with a dark green cloak over it, the hood of it hiding her face. As she jumped off the horse Hiccup saw the quiver of arrows on her hip and the bow over her shoulder. He wasn't sure if he should trust her or not since she'd shot at him but his mind blanked out when she removed her hood. Her long curly red hair fell wildly about her face and shoulders, which made her fair skin and blue eyes really stand out.  
"Are you alright?" she asked again coming over and kneeling beside him, "I didn't hit ya did I?"
Hiccup opened his mouth but nothing came out, he was never good around pretty girls and her being so close to him, close enough he noticed that she had some light freckles, made his throat double clasp on him.
After t
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 17 6
Dragons in DunBroch ch1
Ch1 The Boy from Berk
It was a sunny day in the Highlands of Scotland with a cool breeze coming off the ocean which was calm that day. Above it the blue sky was dotted with only a few clouds when suddenly a black streak shot by, the black streak turned out to be a dragon. The dragon was jet black in color, obviously a Night Fury, with greenish-yellow eyes. What was different from most dragons was he had a mechanical fin on his tail that seemed to be attached to a saddle he was wearing on his back and there was a boy sitting on the saddle. The boy had dark auburn hair with green eyes and was wearing dark green pants, a green tunic that went to his mid-thigh, a brown belt where there looked to be a small knife, and a riding vest. The thing that stood out on him was that while he had a typical Viking-style boot on his right foot his left was a spring-loaded prosthetic leg that fit into the stirrup on the dragon's saddle. His name was Hiccup, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III to be precise, an
:iconcara-doughnut-lady:Cara-Doughnut-Lady 57 6
What now? A Labyrinth story Ch12
Ch12 What now?
Cara didn't know what had happened or where they were going she just hoped that when they landed they wouldn't get hurt. Finally coming to an end there was a loud thud followed by a softer one with a slight groan.
"Oh sorry Ludo you alright?" she asked climbing off the upside down beast.
"Ludo ok," he replied sitting upright the standing. "Where at?" he asked in a worried tone.
"It's alright Ludo don't be scared," Cara said feeling him squeeze her shoulder. "Look just hold my hand and we'll figure out what to do, ok?"
She held out her hand to the poor beast who took it murmuring "Ok."
She looked around hold Ludo's hand gently. It looked like a tunnel, which made sense since they were probably underground, *Looks like we have to pick a way again,* Cara thought looking down both ways.
"Light," Ludo suddenly said shaking Cara from her thoughts and pointing.
"Good work Ludo! That should be the way out then."
As they walked down toward the light they heard something shuffle a
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The trees have lost their leaves,
The birds don't wish to sing,
Sadness clouds the skies,
But I know these things will pass,
The trees will bloom,
The birds will sing,
The clouds will go,
This pain will lessen,
Your memory I'll never forget,
For in my heart you'll always stay,
I love you,
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Being Normal is Overrated ch1
Do you believe in fairies? Vampires? Werewolves? Magic? Myths? Legends? Do you think that they are or at one point were real? I do, always have. I know most people find that weird or stupid but how can you say that if you don’t really know about them? My sister was like that thought I was stupid for believing in that kind of stuff at least until we were throw into it at full force, we discovered that the magic, myths, and legends in the world all exist; side by side with us and whether or not we believe in them they believe in us and are waiting to see what we’ll do when they decide show themselves to us. I’ll never regret finding out about that world because it let me meet some of the best friends I’ve ever had.
Ch1 Friend or foe?
“Petey get back here!” I shouted after the black lab/retriever mix as he bounded over the snow. “Gwen would you please get that mutt so we can go in? I HATE THIS COLD!” a girl with short copper red hair shouted
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  • Listening to: Phantom, Labyrinth, Wicked, Frozen, other songs
  • Reading: Alice In Wonderland/Through the Looking-Glass
  • Watching: Howl's Moving Castle and Peter Pan
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I am so sorry to everyone who has been reading my Dragon in DunBroch story, I honestly wasn't sure anyone was, I had terrible writers block and my computer was evil. It died and we had to replace it and until I found the disk I'd saved the story to I thought it had deleted it. :nuu: I was so freaked out for awhile, anyway I'll be rewatching Brave and HTTYD again as I'll finally be able to see HTTYD2 soon which I think will help with ideas for it. I honestly have some chapters done but I'm still working on tying them together in a better way. 

Also I'm thinking of entering a couple contests for Hetalia x reader so we'll see how that goes as it'll be my first time giving that a go, I should be getting them all up pretty soon.

Thanks everyone, be safe. 

"Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." ~Walt Disney

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with." ~Michael Jackson

Thats about it take care everyone and be safe. ^-^ 

I :heart: Michael Jackson.

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