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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 42-


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Octransfur 2020 Day 9 - Technology


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Savvieevee 2k18 Reference

Animal or Pokemon

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The legendary F1


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Ride Pager Malfunction (Tauros Transformation)


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ES: Special Chapter 12A -Page 42-


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Umbreon Tf


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Riptide full


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Litten Shiny


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Eclipse and socials

I'll keep this as short as possible: I'm not a fan :dummy: But! I won't leave Deviantart, I made too many memories and it's at the moment the best place for me and my art so I'll stay and try to get used to it   I'd hate to loose contact with people, it happened so often already, so, if you do not want to stay because of eclipse please consider following me here to keep in touch:   Twitter  Instagram Also! My friend Isi-Daddy ( is being awesome and working on making Eclipse a little bit more bearable! :happybounce: Check it out here if you  want to know more Eclipse Redesign (available soon) That's all for now, have a nice day!


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startfall experimental image

Art of me

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+ here i come ! +


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Awesome pikachu cake


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Ask Vanity! (Open!)

asks - permanent

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Chibi Kage squish


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Leafeon Artwork

Awesome art

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Illustration Commission: Dark-ish Sylveon

evil pokemon

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ChibiDex: #156 Quilava

Daww art

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cool animations

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Art created by non-OC drawings I made

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Pikachu, I choose you!!!

Interesting + unusual cars

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Poke Recruitment


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Emotional embrace at sunset comic


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COM Slowbro swap

Body swaps

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The link tf me rp

In the comments, link 3-5 tf comics you'd like to base a tf on to me. Just know I will not do tg, I stay male. No mature.


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Spacelover000's Shinx

Interesting ocs

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Nezumi Pikachu Fursuit

Nice pokemon fursuits

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Petrified pokemon

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Beautiful art

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Artist you should follow!!!

Hey guys im gonna start making a shoutout journal for my mutuals / artists I like !!! Pretty much this journal is gonna be updated every few days with new artwork and new people !!! I wanna use my platform to help other artists + share more art !!!! Artist!!!! ~staradical ( staradical ( ( ( This is one of my good friends!!!!! They have one of the cutest and most original styles I've ever seen!!! Their lineart is gorgeous the the way they shade/ draw eyes AMAZES ME !!!!!!! Please do follow them!! their stuff is out of this world<3!! :iconstaradical::iconstaradical::iconstaradical:

Useful journals

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[FREE] four legged creature poses [3]

Pose refs - inspiration

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How to Draw Canines: Head

Useful tutorials

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Cute animations

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Grumpy/ Pouty Umbreon Base

Lovely bases to potentially use

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Floating Practice

Funny stuff

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