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1974 but also 1998 but also 2004
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the magpie meadow is a glowing evening colour

welcome! by cabysoft, visual art

little waves

blossoming boy by cabysoft, visual art

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  • Dec 29, 1999
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little human upon the sand


Hi, I'm Capy, an artist and soft bastard currently situated in the UK, learning to draw and also how to come across as vaguely human

Commissions are semi-open? I haven't got anything in place but if you note me/email me about it I'll happily give you my prices, I take paypal

Also give borb a watch, she's cool >:3


Other places to contact me

Oh and my username is Capy on the artfight site, in case you wanna follow in advance
Apologies for being dead in the water for the last month. It's been heavy fuckin times for everyone, I feel. Just wanted to note that I plan to do Art Fight next month >:3c
another note, I'm trying to like, squeeze art in between mermay posts, so while the mermay posts will continue every day at 8pm uk time, on some days there'll be something else at 6pm-ish as well as the mermay

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Hi, I like your art! If I may ask, why exactly a Capybara? I don't see many people with a fursona that is one, and its a breath of fresh air honestly ^^;

gosh, thankyou! and as far as capybara sona goes, I kinda chose it on a whim in 2017-ish, but I've grown to realise I relate to them rather strongly. I think my original reasoning is that I wanted a guinea pig sona, but they didn't quite suit me, so I went with capybara. but yeah, they're good swimmers, they're chill, they're friendly but a little timid, I felt it suited me.

and gosh yeah, always happy to see unique fursona species, really helps someone stand out and gives you a better insight into their personality >:3c

Hey Caby! I missed the opportunity to get the art finished for you on AF. If you're okay with it, I would still like to do a picture for you in "retaliation" for the absolutely adorable picture you did of Tavi~ I'll post it here on DA and tag you when its posted. ^^

oh gosh, sorry about that! just didn't want to risk having to do any last minute revenges,,,

and that's more than fine, would love to see a retaliation from you!

hi!! i've always really loved ur art and i was wondering if you'd be up for an art trade maybe? i was thinkin maybe a headshot or bust, or somethin like that! if not that's perfectly cool too!! <3

oh gosh, would love to!! I always enjoy an art trade

I would start after art fight ends on the 10th of august, if that's alright with you

yeah sure sounds good to me!! Who should i draw? aaa