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Hi guys! i just wanted to thank everyone for the support and patience once again.

I know I've been rather slow in completing all my commissions and staying updated but I'm a little out of touch with it still >_< though I think I'm getting the feel for it again.

I just wanted to give a general update in case anyone was wondering about theirs ^^ The latest everything will be complete is early June because I have finals at the end of May that are frankly stressing me out hehe x.x

But I gotchu guys! And I will try to post them in reasonable batches or something so they dont clutter up notifications.

EDIT: Thank you guys! I reached my goal and a little extra.
If you'd like to reserve a commission though I can put you on a waitlist for the next batch ^^ Otherwise thankyou very much, they're close for now!

Hey guys!

I generally keep my personal life very private for the most part but in short, I'm raising some money to get a gift for someone really dear to me who's helped me so so much this past year+ in recovering and encouraging me to continue my artwork.. They're also the reason I'm back here and on deviantart and posting artwork I would really like to get something nice for them ^^; Maybe in the future I will talk more about them when I feel more comfortable haha.

I'm just looking for about $80-100 at the moment (taking shipping fees into consideration..) and so I thought I'd open up some of my cheaper commissions as well as discount some others ones..
extra commission money just goes into savings for college/art supplies ^^

These might take me a little while to finish depending on the commission type because the semester just started but, of course feel free to request progress c:  I  have 1 commission left from my previous batch that I'm finishing and then I'll just work through these~

So for clarification, my lower priced commissions aren't discounted because they're already a very low price in general right now ;-; But everything higher up is for a much lower price c:
  -> B/W sketches are $10/1000 points, I can do them more realistic or stylized depending on your character

-> Colored ACEO are $15/1500 points and B/W + screentone is $10/1000 points
-> Colored fullbody sketch is $15/1500 points (from $20)
scruffy gal by CapukatDay by Capukat Moment by Capukat

-> Headshot speedpaints are $30/3000 points (down from $50) + background = $40/4000 points

Chibi Commission Batch by Capukat -> This example is really old (oops) but chibis are $10 for flats and $20 for full color (down $5 & $10 respectively each..) All the ones shown here are 'flats'

That's all I'll be taking for now... If you do want something else that's not listed here, or some type of commission I've done in the past just let me know and i'll definitely consider it..!

Note or comment please ^^ If you'd like a slot~

Just making this really quick n short.

My time on deviantart has been wonderful and allowed me to grow in many ways, however I feel very suffocated at times because my need for commissions and money has preceded the things I want to draw to further my art.

In short, I love drawing humans. But that wasn't what I got known for simply because when I first started, as in on an older account, I sold some canine adopts... one of the buyers then commissioned me for some canine artwork.. and then it got a little bit of a attention and slowly all my account became was just canines.. then felines.. then more animals. Which.. is fine? Maybe for someone who's passion is just this.. But I want to draw humans and also my own species that I doodle in my sketchbook. As well as environments and just explore more and more.

I've realized over the years, and even on my instagram (capukat), that people dont react well to change. Most people follow for one kind of artwork. I kept track of my followed on instagram as I ran a little test. I submit some human art for a few days, then one animal piece. I initially get a gain in followers and then all of a sudden I lose 10 right after submitting.

It's enough stress and work to manage one account and one "name".. so I really dont think I'll ever start utilizing two accounts.. it's just too much work to balance between school and personal life.

That being said, I've asked for a lot of advice from friends and others on how I should go about this. And I think I've come to the conclusion where, after a possible few more rounds of commissions I'm just going to be taking the risk and exploring work that I want to make. The initial success of these pieces will probably be very low but I think it's better late than never to start that.

I will try to strike a balance with the kind of work I post so that I will eventually have a cohesive gallery. But that will mean that 99% of my work wont just be canine/feline headshots or other commissions.

If anyone is really displeased by that idea, I wont be offended if you unfollow. It used to mean a lot more to me because I was worried that this would severely and negatively impact my potential for business. Which is the one thing that's of course funding my art career. However I'm willing to take this risk because right now I am very unsatisfied with how my art is progressing and it's also progressing slower and slower because I'm just not passionate about whats in my gallery.

That being said, thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope that in between the school year I will find time to post. I may or may not delete or store old artwork just so that my gallery is more organized (since i have over 1000 submissions lol...)

In any case, thank you all very much for the support, it really means a lot. I post more frequently on instagram so feel free to add me on there^.^ @ capukat


Painterly Headshots/Busts - Open! Limited

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 16, 2018, 6:38 PM
Digital & Traditional Artist

CSS Skin

Hey guys! Currently finishing my last round of commissions but I'd like to open one more batch before my spring semester starts.

scruffy gal by Capukatpink by CapukatMoment by Capukat

Doing stuff along these lines! Quite experimental, totally flexible.

The price is set at $50 but if you want something smaller or simpler, I'm down to work it out with you!

Just send me a note/comment if interested ^.^ After these I will possibly close larger commissions for the rest of spring until school ends.


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Bookmark, ACEO, Crayon commissions - Open!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 2, 2018, 4:01 PM
Digital & Traditional Artist

CSS Skin

NOTE *** All my examples are really REALLY old. Newer art is much better

I dont know if anyone would interest in these right now but I felt like they would be fun :) !

I did some of these a few years back->
Crayon Portrait commission by CapukatCorgi in Crayola Crayons by Capukat

They come out best as pet portraits since the less natural colors I find aren't really to my liking. But I do OCs too!

These definitely aren't archival hehe so I sell them for $15 each (shipping included in the US :) ) and $20 if you live outside.

As for ACEOs,

I do both sketches and watercolor ones ($7 for sketch ones and $15 for watercolor) (bookmarks start at $30-- note for details)
ACEO sketch commissions in pen by Capukat (really really really really old example)

Bookmark WIP - more on my Facebook! by Capukat Aren ACEO Original by Capukat
Bookmark commissions by Capukat Kiaro Bookmark by Capukat

I dont really have the resources or time to make new examples out of my own pocket rn ;-; So that's also a reason I'm opening these back up~

Please comment or note me if interested ^^ (crayon ones are mostly just for fun hehe c:)

Anywho, happy new years!

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Heyo c: I decided to pick a winner early because I've actually been meaning to update some stuff on my page too ^^;

So... congratulations :iconshinjuuki: ! Unfortunately i didn't realize deviantart only allows gifting of 1 month or 3 month memberships.. so I will have to give you a three month only haha ^^;

As for everyone else, it was really great reading what you all were doing for the holidays c: If there's this offer again in the future I will most definitely hold another giveaway~

Also thanks for the commissions everyone, it really helped me feel better about what I'm doing now too ^^

Commissions are still open!

Sketches and chibis are available but I will frankly do anything else I've ever done before. Just note me c:

Some examples (much older... so my art has improved ahah q_q; ):Just enjoying a scary novel... by Capukat Summer falls by CapukatBasic Action Shot Commission by Capukat ACEO sketch commissions in pen by Capukat

But yeah, I've finished all active commissions as of now, so i'm open to taking whatever~ ^^Prices have changed but some basic ones are:
$10 - grayscale sketch (headshot)
$25 - colored headshot
$50 - fully rendered headshot (example coming soon)
$70 - fullbody + simple background
$100 - fully rendered fullbody + detailed background
and journal skins are a range from $30-70 depending on what you want ... ^^

I also do sketch ACEO cards like the ones above for $10 (shipping is free in the US c:)

A more detailed commission post will be out in a few days or so ^^ That's all I have for now.

And also, if you'd like to hang out or chat, I made a discord server to share art and stuff ! Hopefully it grows and everyone can just have fun c:

Happy (early) new years guys,


Hey guys, firstly thanks so much for the support and feedback on my latest journal and return to dA ;u; It really meant a lot. I read each and every one of your comments.

That being said, I just noticed the give one/get one deal for the core membership and I thought why not~

I'll be buying the yearly membership (worth $50) for a random person (yay holiday season!) but just to make it a bit more fun, it'll be raffle c:

1 comment = 1 ticket
1 commission = 1 extra ticket in raffle
I'll be using a random generator to pick a winner ;v;
Please comment about.. what you're spending your holiday doing this year~ ^^
(only 1 comment counts, if you comment multiple times it doesn't count).

Also I've actually been out of work for quite a while but I thought I would ease into deviantart and making work again so I'm opening sketch and chibi commissions for a bit ^^.

Sketch Gift Tree-kangaroo by CapukatSketch Gift Tree-kangaroo Flat by Capukat
^ This will be $10 (for grayscale) ^ This will be $7 (line sketch)

* I would like to note, if your character is mostly white... there will be no grayscale version available... n_n;

Also chibi commissions are back again... .-. ! These examples are old (2016). So I have improved and my style has evolved so to speak, but it's the same general idea~

Commission Chibi Soyala-silveryst by Capukat Commission chibi Lewely by Capukat Commission Chibi Wallaberry by Capukat commission chibi nebulAeva by Capukat commission chibi nebulAeva 2 by Capukat Commission chibi VictoriWind by Capukat
Chibis are $15 each !

ps) point alternatives are available.

Be kind and stay warm this holiday season (or stay cool, if you're on the other side of the equator),

I'm just going to cut to the point. 

I'm more sorry than I can say for my absence this past two years.. I truly am sorry. And I feel like I have let everyone down and this has been a weight on my chest the entire past two years, again i'm sorry.

I don't feel comfortable sharing my personal life, but a lot of things happened and I was very naive and it hit me hard. I struggled with depression and anxiety among others but it was just really really bad. I didn't have a support group at the time and no professional help and I really fell apart. I ran away from deviantart because you guys were the community I always wanted to put a happy face for and just post art for and do commissions. I couldn't do it, broke down and I just ran away. I'm sorry.

I know I owe artwork to a few people. I made the mistake of trying to take on more than I could at the time and thinking that if I absorbed myself into artwork and commissions then I could ignore my stress. I feel most bad about the fact I've delayed some commissions and or other owed artwork. I always always prioritized this above all and I really failed this time. I'm sorry.

I feel ashamed and embarrassed saying this but I do not have the courage to read the comments and notes left for me yet. It took me a long time to build up the courage to log in for post this so I really hope you guys understand.

If I owe you something, I will happily pay you back, or draw it for you now. Whichever you prefer. I have the entire month of January fairly free in college and I will make it up. 

Please if you need to contact me about owed art or anything, you can email me at or add me on facebook [link] .

I just really need some time still to collect myself. You guys can leave a comment here if you want and I will try to read them. 

Thank you for always being such a supportive and great community for me. once again I'm very sorry. I will try my best to slowly come back and just be realistic with what I can do this time. 

Once again, very very sorry,


Ps) thank you guys for the birthday wishes. It really helped give me the courage to post this also. I really don't deserve how you all have been, thanks.
This concept was first introduced to me years ago when I first started selling artwork and also occasionally having the spare funds to buy artwork.

At one point I had lowered prices when people could not afford to buy my work, etc. As a few friends have told me and I've come to realize myself, there should be absolutely no complaint over pricing of artwork.

Points to clear up:
- I very well understand when artwork has seemingly no effort put in but only sells well do to artist fame
- I also understand when branding raises the price of things like custom species/adopts more than "they should sell for"
- And I understand when people selling too cheap "ruin market" for people who price higher
- And when those who price higher for "things you can get by another artist" shouldn't be "pricing that high"
- Etc, various other reasons

These are all things I've heard from people and considered myself to see if they were valid points. (which I have now come to realize, they can be valid but are completely irrelevant.. not even sure if I'm wording that right)

By the way, I made a journal addressing "Pricing" a few years back, so I would recommend checking that out too if you're interested :) It's a little old but still relevant.
About 'Overpricing' thingsMOVE on 'Overpricing': About 'Overpricing' things

[My Opinion Versus Everyone's] Please remember these are simply my opinions and are not meant to imply that you should agree or disagree nor should these prove to be offensive in any way; if I do come across displeasingly then you have my apologies beforehand, thank you.
Ah! And btw, if you haven't seen Stephen Silver's video about pretty much this topic, please do :) ->
I see a lot of comments here and there that go something like this...
"50 points?? Why would I pay 50 points for an adopt..."
"100 points? Are you sure you're not overpricing that...?!"
And I'm sure many of you have seen similar comments, now I understand that points aren't the easiest things to accumulate when you're fresh into dA or even we

However I think the key statement to be realized here is that: Art is a Luxury

Let's face it, it's not something you need to have in your life to physically breath, eat... live?

No, don't get all smart-ass on me. I am an artist above all, and I personally cannot live without being able to draw and paint.

However, I'm making this point about BUYING artwork. I won't make this a generalization because yeah, who knows maybe someone out there has an extreme medical condition in which they cannot function properly without having a piece of artwork in their possession... but let's not get into such specificities.

That being said, there is not and should not be a standardized... "proper" way to price art.

Yes, there are guidelines in the industry. Yes, artists should be making at least minimum wage because they have the right to live comfortably.

However, as a buyer, it is simply ridiculous to complain about not being able to afford artwork. That is what I call some major first world drama.

As many artists will experience more than once in their lives, people will complain about your prices. I won't get into how the deviantart currency makes the worth of 100 points seem so much more than it is if converted ($1, aka bag of chips) because you can find that in the journal I linked above. However, remember, art is a luxury.

You don't need that watercolor bookmark to live. "It's the only thing in the world that will make me happy! I cannot thrive without it! I must have it!"

... well, no? And without trying to sound mean, if you truly feel you cannot survive without it... then you should honestly seek some support.

For the artist's benefit, of COURSE you shouldn't charge so much people can't even afford. How are you going to get customers? No let's not get into $1,000,000 paintings. I'm talking the average illustrator here because that's all I have experience with, as an illustrator.

But if people are willing to pay $3,000 for an adopt, why are you complaining? I get it, maybe yours doesn't sell 1/10 as well and you put in so much more effort. But honestly, what they're making isn't going to negatively impact your business.

The beautiful thing about the art market, is that if you want something by an artist and are willing to pay so much, it's because you want their art. In their specific style, the way only they can make it look.

Cue all the other smart-asses who will talk about copy-cat artists and similar styles. I'm not here to get into a heated debate over that; let's simplify it for the safe of commonality.

There are so many different arguments to be made about something like this, but the bottom line is.. why do people pay so much for Apple products?

Yes that's the bottom line. Or, question I suppose? Because any tech-savvy person knows that the hardware is not worth the price. And in mechanical parts, there is an industry standard price, more or less. Not to say apple products are bad, they aren't. But what people are paying for isn't the "mechanics in comparison to this ____ phone". They're paying for APPLE. The brand, the company, the logo, the slick design-- they're paying for Apple. They want an Apple product, and they will pay 3x the actual physical worth, to get it. Cue all the people who look down on Apple-fans or Apple fans who are going to kill me over this. I have an android phone right now but I have also owned an iPhone 6 as well as an iMac. Anyway, they really don't make bad products. They would probably be considered really good if they halved their prices. But once again, people aren't paying for the physical gear. It's Apple they're paying for.

So back to artwork, how does this relate? I don't care whether it's bitter competition, passive aggressive .. jealousy.. anything else that comes to mind?

I know where you're coming from, I'm not an artist who's making thousands off any single piece.. (yet?) however, even if I were to, I don't think there's reason to get upset over anyone making 10x that amount and say.. putting in half the amount of time I do. It's art, it's business, it's marketing, it's branding. There is no tangible physical value because there's no standard. And there's no standard because

- every piece is unique

- it's simply not required to survive.

If it were a necessity for human survival, I guarantee you the prices would be reasonable to a living standard. But it's not. So get over it, if you want a piece of artwork so bad, then save up. And if you really can't afford it, I'm sorry. I am, because I know it's just so so so tempting to do anything to get your hands on something you want. However I think people also easily target artists because we're individuals. We're not an untouchable giant corporation who your email complaint probably never reaches. We're so human that somewhere in the complaining buyer, they know they can target this and affect the individual. Probably without meaning to.

So stop complaining. Of course I wish the pieces I put time and effort into ... hours and hours... make more money than they do now. And of course I wish I could make something in 2 hours that sells for $600. And when I see others doing it, of course I get a little envious. But please, don't just hate on people and cause drama for such a petty reason.

"I can't afford the artwork, they charge too much, let me comment this everywhere and think of them badly"

If this were a food company and you depend on their food for survival and you can't reasonably afford, let's all go stand up to them. But it's artwork. I'm not devaluing artwork, but in a sense I am. I am saying that in terms of survival/necessity value, it's not up there. And please, artists don't make a lot of money (cue people who reference the millionaire artists who take up less than 1% of the market). Artists are probably some of the most daring and brave people... perhaps a little detached from reality.. we do what we do and share it because we love it. And personally --I don't know about you-- I am fighting tooth and bone to be able to take something I love so much, and be able to make a living off of it. Because ultimately I need the money to continue sharing artwork. And if it makes people happy and if it touches them and helps them, that just gives me more purpose and reason to continue making artwork.

So please don't be a bitch about prices. A friendly rant is okay but when you're telling an artist that their work isn't worth the price, it really hurts. And it also potentially gives others the mindset. It is a luxury, you have no right to complain. And correct me if I'm wrong, but the main point about a luxury is that unfortunately, not everyone can have it. And unfortunately I'm also just a human and not an angel who will make a revolution in this world and start a movement titled "Free Art for Poverty!" because I'm sure they would much rather have basic necessities filled than have a stunning portrait in their room. And for the record, I have done charity artwork as a part of my highschool club. I forget the name, but essentially we sent in portraits of children living in poverty, to the children themselves. This of course with the intention of making them happy, not fulfilling their life.

If ever someone were to genuinely need art for survival (as absurd as it sounds), I would gladly make them something for free. But till then, it's going to cost money because I need money for my survival.


Oddly enough, no one really complains about $500 designer jeans/t shirts.. etc. They're not using some special magical denim/cotton.
It's the design. And it's the brand, and the artist behind it.

But who says it's not worth it? Value is subjective in this sense. The money is just putting a price tag on what someone values the design for. It's honestly a very simple concept.

So please spread the word so we can slowly eliminate the ignorance when it comes to artwork price complainers.
The term starving artists is too true. I am friends with far too many illustrators who are barely scraping by to feed themselves. It's scary, it could be me, but I don't see any shame in taking your one life, and living it the way you want to.

Anyway! If this changes the mind of one person on how they view art + pricing, I succeeded!

Thanks! And as always, DRAW ON :)

- Capu
Hi guys, I have something very important that I feel needs to be discussed.

Sorry for the clickbait, but it's not inaccurate to what I'm about to discuss. I also need this to be something that gets more attention.

The .. Exploitation of random people on the internet.. that is.


As you know, I'm not the type to post pictures of myself very often --as most artists are on this website who mainly do illustration, drawing, etc.
It is simply not the content that I am interested in promoting.

Recently, after an April Fool's invite by a deviantART staff member, I decided to post a "selfie" of myself with the "artstroke" device. Which, obviously, was (quite badly) photo-shopped on.
A little while after, I decided to post another selfie (quite old) just to have a semi-proper ID. I just liked the idea of being more personal with you guys and making my dynamic with my followers less of a "artist vs fan" type of thing and more of just friends really. I post artwork that happens to catch the attention of the people who follow me and I think it makes both parties happy which is ultimately why I enjoy my time here so much.

That being said, a recent turn of events led me to remember why I was so uncomfortable posting pictures of myself in the first place.

I had recently turned 18, as some of you may know. And this did not happen when I was 17 last year when I posted the first picture of myself


(thank goodness) The "worst" I have gotten prior to this was asking to see pictures of my feet, commenting disturbingly on my hands, and the general hitting on/"I'd date you if you weren't 14" type of thing.

Now I hope it's obvious first of all that the pictures I post, honestly, aren't meant to provocative. In any way, shape, or form. Nothing wrong with people who post pictures with that intention, however that is not and has never been my goal.

So, within a day of posting the first two pictures, I have received a total of 4 notes from different users (who I will keep anonymous) who have asked me for, essentially, pornographic shots of myself.
I have also received kind messages and notes regarding completely innocent matters of course. However I have had 2 of those 4 people very clearly tell me what kind of pictures they're looking for and one of them even blocked me before I could reply to their message.. so I didn't even have a chance to decline.

What I'm trying to say is, I don't want to get to the point where I feel uncomfortable about being even a little personal with the people I've met on the internet. I like treating everyone, regardless of your age and how you identify yourself, etc, with equal respect and consideration for what you may have going on in your life. However, when I get such notes, one of which from someone triple my age, it makes me feel violated in a sense.

I am also submitting this journal to reach out to anyone who's ever experienced the utter crap that is society sometimes. Especially online where you can almost get away with any type of harassment. To any of my followers who have experienced this, if you want to share and feel the need to (about anything really), don't be afraid to reach out to me. I have a busy schedule but I always want to be someone you guys can also come to as a friend. I'm not a distant art genius --as I've learned some like to believe I am-- but I am genuinely just another person who struggles to discover myself and do the things I love. I just happen to share it with you guys here, online.

That being said, I think it's a problem when some people think it's okay to casually ask someone for such "content". It makes me feel disgusted, vulnerable, and exposed. And it may not bother some people, and others it may bother even more. However, if you reading this, happen to be one of these people. The people who don't see a problem in doing something like this. At least have the decency to ask a porn star to do your "pictures" for you. Why the hell are you on an artist site? All the shit about deviantART turning into PornART, honestly I've never been bothered with people posting whatever they want. I don't search them up, I don't interact with those people, therefore I don't let it get to me as much as I can. However what I cannot stand, is when someone visits me page, sees that I post nothing but illustrations--all SFW as well. And then proceeds to message me about NSFW work. Simply, don't.

It's like messaging a chef for construction work. I want to treat people with respect and view them as intelligent beings, however sometimes humans continually let me down. I have dealt with cyberbullies, trolls, haters, and just about every kind of "human of the internet" there is.

But when I know that the people exploiting me have seen my face and know my name and ask for indecent things, that is when I have a problem. Because I feel violated as a human being.

For goodness sake, look at the person's gallery and try to see if they would even be interested in the work you're proposing. I would be embarrassed as hell if I messaged someone about such unrelated crap because I would probably seem stupid and desperate. Which is how I see these individuals.

I want it to be known that your actions do affect others. You are a person, and all the people you interact with are also human beings. We all have insecurities, preferences, thoughts, dreams, ideas, and mistakes.

And to anyone who's looking for porn, look elsewhere. DeviantArt is not the place for you to try and find your future porn star. And even if there are people here interested in that, at least use your brain and look at their gallery. It shows what they're into, and it's probably not you.

This of course is not limited to deviantart, but I can only vouch for my experiences here. It happens in real life, it happens on other sites, it happens everywhere. Does not make it acceptable.

So the bottom line is, you can't say that "you should have expected this/you brought this upon yourself by posting a picture" because no.
People should not have to "expect" and "accept" such behavior by doing something not in the least attributed to what these people are looking for. I get it, it's reality. People do shit. But that's why we're going to try to leave society better than we were born into and teach the future generations not to be horny, desperate, exploitive assholes. I'm not some pretentious, snobby, chin-in-the-clouds type of person. I just don't want to deal with shit, and I don't want to see good people deal with shit.  

Also disclaimer ***I don't mind being asked for NSFW artwork. While I have never accepted a request (simply because it is not the content I want to produce for you all), at least it is art and "related" to the content I make. But porno-pictures? Seriously?

Thank you for reading,

The ACTUAL history of April Fools may surprise you

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2016, 5:33 PM
Digital & Traditional Artist

CSS Skin

April Fools, yet another sly trick developed by the underground organization RABBIT.

You all think you know where this is going, but you don't.... Another day of the year to have fun and prank people?

That's what the Underment wants you to think... They're like the government but even deeper in the doings........ hence.. the UNDERment.

April Fools. Fools? That's quite the interesting word isn't it. As in Fairly Obviously Overly Low-key Serious.

Serious is the antonym for Fooling around. You see this here is what we call the Potato Paradox.

Who are "we"?

We stands for Weeping Elephants. Yes. I am a part of the weeping elephants.

And WE have concluded that the potato paradox is when someone eats too many carrots that they end up turning orange. However, to cover up their hidden herbivore in a society of omnivores...

They simply say they had a bad spray tan.


It all makes sense.

Potato Paradox.

Why do teens break out during puberty but some don't?

Potato Paradox.

Why do dogs sniff their own behinds?

Potagross Paradogs.

Why do colleges empty your wallets?

Potato Peconomy.

Why has Capu been inactive?...


Rambunctious Arse Bit Bloop Ishkabob Turd. That is was RABBIT stands for.

With love and tomatoes,

So I have a tendency to post really really weird things........ that make no sense......................................
But as I like to say, be spontaneous! In all seriousness, it gets me through art blocks and sometimes gives me the best ideas for designs and new artwork. Do it! And don't give a care as to what others think! Real talk :)
(in all seriousness, I honestly do have a lot of artwork just waiting to be submitted :) I've just been taking my time and focusing on self improvement because I've been really dissatisfied with a lot of my work lately)
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LIMITED Journal Skin commissions- CLOSED

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 25, 2016, 1:23 PM
Digital & Traditional Artist

CSS Skin

So some of you may remember two years back when it seemed half my gallery was journal skin commissions.. I haven't had the chance to do any since then.
Sounds crazy, right?

So to get back into things, I will be offering them again! Since I don't have any good, recent, examples, I thought I should take a few commissions now!
To compensate for the lack of proper examples though, I'm lowering my prices this time only and as always, if you are unsatisfied, I will happily work with you to make sure
you like it! 

:star: 3 slots available
(with a possibility for a fourth)!

Here are examples of my older/previous work:

Deluxe Skin Commission by CapukatDeluxe Journal Skin Commission by CapukatComplex Journal skin Commission by CapukatComplex Journal Skin Commission by CapukatComplex Journal Skin Commission by Capukat

1) Fullbody - Simple bg - Deluxe    2) Fullbody - Transparent bg - Deluxe        4) Fullbody - Simple bg - Blog        5) Fullbody - Simple bg - Blog          6) Fullbody - Simple bg

That being said, I have added features  to my skins since then and my art style has changed and improved (please reference gallery for more recent works)

Here is a very quick and simple sketch of what I am offering now what a 'deluxe' tier could look like & offers:
Journal Skin Example Deluxe by Capukat

:star: Fullbody + Simple BG + Deluxe: $80 $60
- One Fullbody Character (human, animal, etc)
- :star:One OC speech icon w/ complimentary Header/Title box Commission Lucipal Icon by CapukatCommission Imaginecorgis Icon Final Size by Capukat
- :star:Up to 3 Image link icons
- Up to 5 Text link icons
- One body text box
- One footer/mood text box
- Custom cursor (optional)
- Custom Header & Body text (optional)
- Additional objects/decorations/characters/decoration chibis will be an average of $5 extra each

You can also inquire about design preferences if you would rather I choose what Header/Body text to use, or the overall shape/layout of the skin, etc. No additional cost.
We can get as creative as you want with the layout and design ;3

**If you want a headshot or a bust instead of fullbody, or perhaps no background at all, they will be cheaper (by about $20)

:star: Fullbody + Simple BG + Blog: $65 $45
- One Fullbody Character (human, animal, etc)
- Up to 5 Text link icons
- One body text box
- One footer/mood text box
- Custom cursor (optional)
- Custom Header & Body text (optional)
- Additional objects/decorations/characters/decoration chibis will be an average of $5 extra each

If you are interested, please leave a comment down below! I also offer points alternatives for 100 points -> $1!

Thanks everyone!

1. tree-kangaroo
2. kyubifan
3. vivify

Icon by whispwill
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I haven't had the time to personally respond to all your comments, but I wanted to thank everyone for the birthday and holiday wishes!
Admittedly, this hasn't been the smoothest time for me what with college, family, and general life circumstances but I've really missed posting artwork for everyone and I still love reading new comments everyday.

So thank you so much! I don't know if I will be able to reply to everyone this time around but I assure you I've read all your comments once if not twice by now! 

I'm trying to get back into the swing of illustrations (haven't done them since college..) but once I'm back, I hope to open a new round of commissions!

Once again, thanks so much everyone! Happy Holidays and Have a Happy New Year!


Hey guys, so I have big news...

Earlier this year I shared exciting news about being accepted to Rhode Island School of Design. I was on a scholarship and everything seemed to be going in the right direction.
Unfortunately, I got an infection and fell ill a little while into the semester. This is where things started going downhill... 

RISD has a system where if you miss a certain amount of class time, even if they're excused absences, you simply can't pass the class. That's understandable. 
So, unfortunately, I was dropped by 2 of my 3 studio classes and that rendered me --according to academic policy-- unable to continue the next semester. It was pretty simple.. sort of.

So if I was sick for roughly 3 weeks straight and my health is fine now (except for an annoying sprained ankle lol) but the main problem is that I really couldn't afford or find reason in taking a medical leave. 
A medical leave would have dropped me out of my remaining 3 of 5 classes and I would've received 0 credits for the entire semester with partial refund. 
Medical leaves are usually for students who need a recovery period, I just happened to get very sick at the wrong time. My recovery period, however, was over 7 or so weeks ago. 
So I continued taking my remaining classes for the semester. This meant that I would be placed on academic leave.
There was more crap that went on with administration and they took a heavy disliking to me after I repeatedly visited over the span of a month. A lot of shit went on but I don't feel very comfortable talking about it..

The problem now is that I'm not necessarily guaranteed a spot back in the college. I have a better chance that regular applicants because I only need to write a letter of intent for readmission but still.
Well actually, the real problem is that my parents probably won't allow me back. 

I struggled to convince them to let me come to art school so now that this has happened, they're having me reapply to transfer to general schools. 

At this point I'm tired. I feel like I worked my ass off to show them I could make a living off art and then actually get into art school only to have the whole thing backfire on me and have my dad say "I told you, you shouldn't have gone to RISD"

Right now I'm working on future goals and what I really need to make reality is a stable art job. This could either be my lifesaver or backfire in the short run. I either prove to my parents that I am capable and that I can also pay for my art college or it proves to them I don't need art college to make it reality. Which is true, you don't need art school to be an artist. Or even a very successful one at that. It's just that I want to go and that's why I'm working to it.

I don't have any other options right now though. I was going to wait a few years before doing it, but as much as I know the pros and cons of Patreon, I'm really going to try and set one up.
For me it will be about going the extra length and doing extra things for patrons. I will still be uploading the same work and presenting my deviantArt the same, but the things I usually do not post or take the time to do, hopefully a Patreon will allow me to do that. I can't think of a better way to try and start to make a living right now but I really hope I can do something with it.

I'm confused and hurt, honestly speaking. I feel like I haven't done anything wrong or bad to come to this situation. For me, art college and RISD in particular had been a dream and my escape. If only I could tell you guys about the amazing people I've met. For the first time, I really found friends that looked out for me and knew I would do the same for them. I'd never really known how amazing that could feel, having friends like family. I wish above all to go back and it's killing me that as RISD is my 11th school, I might have to go to a 12th now. And not even somewhere where I can necessarily fit in to. 

If you read this far, thank you. I also want to say I'm going to be trying to do more human art because really, I've done it all along but it just hasn't been stuff I'm known for on dA so I don't post it. I hope you guys don't mind!

As for general art school experience, it's grueling and RISD having been voted to have the toughest freshman program really owns up to that title. But it really is worth it. To be in a tight-knit environment of creative and free thinkers while knowing you can really explore your abilities and ideas-- probably the best part of the experience. I admit sometimes I feel limited by what my account on deviantArt is known for. I'm trying to change that but art school is really the best environment for it. It's not for everyone and it's true the jobs aren't as easy to come by, but to be honest, I've got one life to do what I want to and this is what I want.

Thank you for the support all along and Happy Holidays!
I can't remember the last time I took requests!

Anyway I'm on break from college and need warmup pieces!

Please comment thumbnails (if you can't then just do links!) of your characters (you can post more than one) and I will choose 2 to draw that I like...

They'll probably be a bit experimental and sketchy..

Also I'm really looking to experiment with lots of hair and accessories so you MAY (or may not) have a better chance at a slot if your OC has lots of clothing or accessories... or interesting hair.. 

Human & Animal and anything in between OK

Good luck! :'D


OPEN until I post otherwise!

Thanks everyone! I've picked a few.... I may make more than 2, let's see...
Hey everyone!

Sorry I disappeared for .. well the past month! I started my freshman year at art school (attending Rhode Island School of Design..) and the rumors are true: freshman year here is a killer.

I don't have too much time to say all the things I want to, but hopefully every so often I can update you all on what art school is all about. RISD is a little different than most in that it has a foundation year before jumping into major specific studies. I would post the work I do here but it's been very.. well.. academic shall we say.. in the not so prettiest way lol!

So far so good though. Sleep has become something I look forward to more than ever, but there's something that makes the weeks seemingly fly by. Maybe it's the atmosphere? Being around people who all share a common interest or perhaps it's just the fast-paced, rush-hour feel of it all. I'm not quite sure but as tough as it is, I'm happy to be here.

I can't say it's all sunshine and rainbows though because as much as I love the fact I get to draw for homework, it's very physically demanding. 

I'm about to go finish my design homework (ughh it's 1 AM and studio class starts 8 AM) but I thought you all deserved an update.

The most amazing thing about art school so far is definitely the people though. I love being able to geek out about art with practically everyone I meet. It's just so refreshing and thrilling. "Heyy-- I use micron pens too! Aren't they great?" or "Oh my gosh I know, I have a love-hate relationship with gouache too!" or even "What're you sketching right now? Wanna see mine?!" 

It's such a "wow" feeling you almost get lost in it.

Oops. Almost forgot about my painting haha! Well for any owed art I still have, I have not forgotten so don't worry-- and concerning commissions. I may open small quickies every so often but nothing big anytime soon. And gee I wish I had the time to livestream.. gotta find time!

Anyway, stay cool guys, stay savvy.

Good afternoon folks,

Well for those that were wondering, I was in Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto and a few other places in between but we didn't really have much time!

I had Poutine about 4 times, it was great! Lol. <-- I think that's the highlight of this journal

This isn't a very important update, I just sorta wanted to say I'm back so... I'm back! Lol!

Also I am planning on opening commissions officially (journal skins, etc etc) very very soon (within days) so that I may do some before college. 

Rhode Island School of Design apparently has a killer freshman year so I highly doubt I'll be able to do much, with the exception of school breaks lol!!

Either way, it's always a pleasure being on deviantART so as always

keep drawing and have a nice day!

Hi guys! I have to make this short because I have to leave to go to bed.. to wake up early .. to leave for Canada tomorrow morning for about a week.

In short I'm sorry but I'll be leaving some of your commissioners hanging for the next 5-6 days or so! But don't worry because I have a list and you're on it lol XD

As for everyone else.. especially those Canadians out there :3
I SHALL MAKE IT A GOAL TO TRY POUTINE lol! Since so many have told me to!

Looks unhealthy delicious enough! XD

So as for commissioners:


I hope I didn't get any of those names spelled wrong! A bit too sleepy to check..
If you are mentioned above, I have either not finished or not started your commission (apologies) but will be back in a week's time to finish within a week's span.. I hope that makes sense!

Otherwise, if your name isn't on this list you should've already received your commission. If not, contact me c:

Thanks for all the continued support!

Hi guys! I have to make this short because I have to leave to go to bed.. to wake up early .. to leave for Canada tomorrow morning for about a week.

In short I'm sorry but I'll be leaving some of your commissioners hanging for the next 5-6 days or so! But don't worry because I have a list and you're on it lol XD

As for everyone else.. especially those Canadians out there :3
I SHALL MAKE IT A GOAL TO TRY POUTINE lol! Since so many have told me to!

Looks unhealthy delicious enough! XD

So as for commissioners:


I hope I didn't get any of those names spelled wrong! A bit too sleepy to check..
If you are mentioned above, I have either not finished or not started your commission (apologies) but will be back in a week's time to finish within a week's span.. I hope that makes sense!

Otherwise, if your name isn't on this list you should've already received your commission. If not, contact me c:

Thanks for all the continued support!

Hi guys! I have to make this short because I have to leave to go to bed.. to wake up early .. to leave for Canada tomorrow morning for about a week.

In short I'm sorry but I'll be leaving some of your commissioners hanging for the next 5-6 days or so! But don't worry because I have a list and you're on it lol XD

As for everyone else.. especially those Canadians out there :3
I SHALL MAKE IT A GOAL TO TRY POUTINE lol! Since so many have told me to!

Looks unhealthy delicious enough! XD

So as for commissioners:


I hope I didn't get any of those names spelled wrong! A bit too sleepy to check..
If you are mentioned above, I have either not finished or not started your commission (apologies) but will be back in a week's time to finish within a week's span.. I hope that makes sense!

Otherwise, if your name isn't on this list you should've already received your commission. If not, contact me c:

Thanks for all the continued support!