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Some personal art to get back into drawing! Been rusty haha.

The idea behind it.. well. Just wanted to capture a moment and really make it feel worthwhile.

Actually a redraw of some exceptionally old art.

Gosh also cant decide on border/no border.. sheesh

Anyway, commission are also open for drawings like this :) So note me if interested! Prices average $30-50 depending on subject

The redraw lineup:

Redraw by Capukat
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i missed your art so much oh my goodness!! this is beautiful <3
AngeKrystaleen's avatar
I really like it, it's cute and amazing :heart:
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That's just magical *_*
PoisonSoldat's avatar
Breathtakingly beautiful, I love the expression and the scene, lovely!
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Wow this is beautiful I love the way you can see the texture on the fur and smoke this is beautiful 
TheDarkPhoenixQueen's avatar
So beautiful! Such angles! Much wow! doge 
Konveekou's avatar
So beautiful.........gosh.... I am so happy to see rendered work from you again.. your attention to detail has always been stunning :heart: This is so calming.
LuckyPaw's avatar
amazing job Capu :heart: really beautiful
iVietnamese's avatar
I love the concept of this painting ^^ well done!
mellowcollie's avatar
Oh, my! You're back! It's been a while, hasn't it?
Good to have you back <3
BlackFyreWolfe's avatar
This is so beautiful!
VioletArtworks's avatar
I wanna hug it! ^^
Renga777's avatar
I really like this moment
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GalaxyScribble's avatar
Wow just wow. I am gonna favorite this and cherish it forever. This it true talent.
Lioashu's avatar
Ugh you've improved so much ;A; I'm so proud of how far you've come, your older art still is just baffling to me about how gorgeous it is, and just... wow!
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Very beautiful
SilvaWolf248's avatar
Oh wow how pretty! 
NuitNuit01's avatar
You don't seem rusty at all, Capu! <3
I love this Carpe Diem feeling, your drawing feels authentic and alive.
This horizontal format (with the two black stripes) gives a sensation of stability.

This art is pure and wonderful. I'm so glad to see this coming from you. Superb work, well done Capu! <3 :D
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Thank you so much haha, you've always been super sweet and supportive ^^

Thanks :hug: !!
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