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While You Were Sleeping

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My longest startrail yet. I just left the camera going while I got some sleep. Battery finally died after about 4 hours. I more did this for the timelapse sequence. But seeing as my battery didn't last as long as I thought it would and as a result I didn't get the section of sky I wanted rising on the horizon I just threw this star trail together.

Canon 60D
Tamron 10-24mm @ 10mm
ISO 3200
35 second exposures for just under 4 hours
Stacked in "startrails"
Final processing PS CS3
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© 2012 - 2021 CapturingTheNight
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completly IMPOSIBLE!!!!
CapturingTheNight's avatar
Not impossible. It just take time........
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Amazing. Thank you :wow:
CapturingTheNight's avatar
Thank you very much :D
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So inspiring, you define how to photograph the stars! I love it
CapturingTheNight's avatar
Thank you very much :D Glad you like it.
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so... i never done it, but I am assuming its a camera setting, where the shots are taken automatically one after another... yes? 30 second exposures back to back?
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Yes you can set this up in camera but you need some sort of remote or cable release to lock the shutter button down. I have a programmable remote in which I can dial in exposure length, number of shots, delay between shots, etc. The other way to do it is set the camera to continuous shooting mode and then lock the shutter button down with a cable release.
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well i got a remote, but I don't think it has all those functions.
whenever I shoot long exposure, i usually set it on a timer(2 to 5sec) and just move away from the camera letting it do its job. not sure if there is a setup to have it doing more then one shot without my involvement tho.
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There should be (I just looked at one of your pics to see what sort of camera you are shooting with). I'm not sure what it is actually called with Nikons but on my Canons it is in the DRIVE menu. There should be options for single shot and continuous shooting (maybe even high speed continuous shooting). I would dig out your manual and find how to change it. Once you have it enabled it, then just dial in a 30 second shutter speed and whatever aperture and ISO you want. Hopefully the remote you have has the ability to lock down the shutter button (on mine it is press and hold down the button and then slide it foward). Do this and it should be away, taking shot after shot.
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Very expressive picture...!

My comment:
This is what the stars...
on the southern hemisphere looks like...!

Greetings from Denmark...Jakob.
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Thank you very much :D Glad you like it
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But I didn't sleep last night :ohnoes:
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Sorry to hear that...Hopefully you get some sleep soon.
Tigergirl7707's avatar
X333 No it's fine, I was trying to stay up all night...
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:wave: Hi there! Your wonderful picture has been featured on my profile!
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Thank you so much for the feature :D
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grand effort - beautiful
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waw, this is stunning!
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