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Very thin crescent moon sets in the evening sky (23/05/2012).

Taken at the same location as.....
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Could you possibly make a tutorial on how to capture the moon like this? I have the gear to do it. :)
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"Get yourself a tripod.  Learn to use your camera in fully manual mode.  Use live view if you have it to manually focus on the moon.  Use the longest focal length you have.  Use settings of ISO 400, F/5.6 and 1/125th of a sec (crescent) 1/500th sec (quarter) 1/1000th sec (gibbous) or 1/2000th sec (full moon) as a starting point.  Take a test shot and adjust the shutter speed to get the right exposure.  Delay the shutter or use a remote to eliminate vibration."
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Gee, in my hemisphere the crescent faces toward the right! Great image.
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Yet another difference between the hemispheres :D Thanks
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Great capture. :-)
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Thank you very much :D
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Thank you very much :D
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Nice and with earth glow!
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Thank you :D Yeah I love the Earth shine on this one
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Gorgeous shot!! :faint::heart:
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Thank you very much :D
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Fantastic job catching this, hoping to get a shot with both the dark and light side tonight :D
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Thank you very much :D Good luck trying to photograph this tonight.
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I'm asking again: how did you manage to catch the detail??? :D Well, I mean of course that normally it can't be seen both lit and hidden part of the Moon :D
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To photograph the moon you need to ask yourself a question do I want to just photograph the "visable" face of the moon or do I want to image the dark side of the moon. If you choose option one then you use fast shutter speeds to properly expose that bright part of the moon like this [link] This obviously comes at the expense of any foreground or the darker parts of the moon as they are turned to black. To get foreground elements and pick up the earth shine on the darker face of the moon you need to do longer exposures. This extra detail comes at the expense of the bright parts of the moon like in this picture. You can see that the normal crescent part is over exposed is totally blown out to white.
Digital storage is cheap. Just take lots of shots varying your shutter speed as you go to find the perfect exposure (thats all i do). It will vary every single night depending on the phase of the moon and any other light sources.
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yeah, I thank you, too.
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Thank you very much for such exhausting answer :)
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Wow! This is so atmospheric! I like this old tree without leaves and its small twigs! It looks really beautiful and gives some sort of feeling of movement!
Would You agree with, if I'd took Your picture like inspiration and would paint it?
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Your English is fine. Thank you very much for the great feedback :D Feel free to have a go at painting it. Send me a link to it if you post a picture of the finished product online somewhere. I would love to see it.
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