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Milky Way and Venus rising, Australia, 9/02/2014

Taken a few minutes after my previous image upload "Shimmer" when Venus had risen above the horizon to dominate the dawn sky.  Tried a bit of light painting on this one.  Modern LED lights tend to give a very blue light at night which looks unnatural, but I recently trialled a torch with Xenon bulbs and I really like the light it gives.

Canon 5D MkII, 14mm, F/2.8, ISO 3200, 30 seconds.  The streak next to the tree on the left is a satellite.

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What file format do you use to upload here?
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would love to see images like this in my group #love4photography
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Thank you very much :D
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Wow...I had always  wanted to take night photos like these. I love night photography, although don't have the money to go out and get fancy equipment. I just use my Canon Rebel T5 and a tripod, sometimes a zoom lens courtesy of my sister. There is a lens I'm looking at though, I want to try out an 800 mm zoom lens for bigger moon shots. If you could recommend any (affordable) lenses that would help with night photography, that would be great :) 
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Thank you very much :D The longer the focal length the quicker you will have to have your exposure due to the Moons movement through the sky.  Check out the Samyang range of manual, fast, wide angle lenses.  Relatively cheap but very good for wide angle night images.
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Ahh, thanks for the info :) I'll have to check some out and look around. So I guess it should be manual, fast in focal length and a wide angle to take shots like what you do. I may not be able to afford it any time soon (cause Christmas lol) but hopefully I can get more work and maybe save up at some point. 
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You really know your stuff! All of your work is very inspiring, and this piece is one of my favorites.  You capture the beauty of the night sky while composing water reflection on the bottom third of the piece.  I can tell the composition was well thought-out.  The trees help frame the shot quite nicely which helps the overall theme of nature present itself.
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I absolutely love your work. Your pictures are brilliant. 
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You have some of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen. I'm really glad for having met your page.
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incredible scene mate! Awesome work!!
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do you use high iso noise reduction in camera or ps?
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I never use in camera noise reduction.  I'm never patient enough to wait another 30 or so seconds for the camera to do a dark frame.  I do all my noise reduction in post processing and use a few different methods in combination.
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Awesome - as usual.
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