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The last quarter moon illuminates a canola crop as Orion rises on the horizon. Australia 15/09/2013

6 Image panorama
Canon 5D MkII
ISO 1600
10 Second Exposures

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This is breathtaking!!
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Orion's never looked so fine, and seeing him like this, rising over Australia is a real treat.  Thank you.
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Wow it seems to be in daytime but with the stars! :O It's wonderful
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Thank you so much :D Yes, some people don't realise just how much the Moon can light up the landscape at night if you take a long exposure.
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Orion is my favourite constellation. For some reason I always relate it to my father who passed away in 2006. Any idea why the double star Meissa at the top end doesn't show up so well on photographs? Betelgeuse and Rigel are obviously far more intense so really pop out at you but I thought Meissa would be bright enough to show clearly. I'm fairly new to star gazing but your work makes me want to go out there and gaze all night, albeit in the northern hemisphere and with Cumbrian clouds to contend with.
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Sorry, forgot, Meissa is at the bottom end for you. D'oh! Told you I was new to it. Feel embarrassed now.
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Thank you so much for the great feedback on my work :D (Big Grin)  It's ok.  We all make mistakes.  Orion is probably my favorite constellation as well.
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... Wow! Thanks to show me how awful are my photography ^_^ even if i'm new in this, i don't think a could do awesome shoot like yours one day! That's just amazing, congrats !
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Are you serious? THAT IS AMAZING! :aww:
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Excellent shot.

I have to ask, is this one exposure, or several layered on each other? 
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Thank you :D Apart from the 6 images that went into the panorama to cover this field of view, they were all single images.
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Did you do any other enhancements to the sky? It looks so smooth, and the stars so vibrant!
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Just gorgeous, though it took me a while to figure out that its a picture from the southern hemisphere... kept wondering why Taurus looked like that.
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