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I need ideas to help keep my creative juices flowing and I find it easiest when I am entering challenges or contests. What I'm looking for are themes for which I can create a list to produce digital artwork.

You can help me by challenging me. Add your ideas to the comments and I'll update this journal with up to 31 of my favorites. Nothing pertaining to the death of children or animals and definitely no bestiality *shiver*

and... Go! XD
A friend of mine inspired me to do a weekly feature of deviations I love. Previously, I was selecting 10 deviations of a random theme. Due to personal home life circumstances, I will only be able to select new talent 1x per month now. 

If you would like the opportunity to have some of your work featured in the future please leave me a comment and fave this journal. ^_^

Don't forget to click the thumbnails and leave a little comment love for the artists!

September Theme: Falling

1.  falling by fangogogo
by fangogogo

2.  Falling by xxStugIVxx

3.  Free Falling Dream by RGDart

4.  C O L L A P S E by MirellaSantana

5. Falling by liquitine

6.  Falling by Jordy-Anne

 7. Falling With Bats by THZ
by THZ

8. Pendulous Fall by Iribel
by Iribel

9. Falling star by Knarfart

10. Falling Dream by vkacademy

The moment we've been waiting for, and then we had to wait on me to find time to feature them (sorry about that).... the contest winners have been announced! All of the photos were adorable, fun, and just amazing all around. Here are the winners for each season.

The Spring Kitty is

The Summer Kitty is

The Autumn Kittiy is

The Winter Kitty is
<da:thumb id="348071832"/>

Congratulations to the winners! Your photographs were wonderful! 
It has come to my attention that our moderators and admins in the :iconcatsfans: group may have become overwhelmed and forgotten about finding winners for the Seasons contest. As a member, I had promised to contribute a journal entry featuring the four winners for each season but because they have not been selected by the group administration, I will be featuring my four favorites for each season. 

<da:thumb id="348071832"/> 

Spring Fever - Feel the Nature by Manu34 

Molly's Journey ver.1 by XiaAmane 

Sentinel by Scattered-Magic 

These are my four winners. If and when the group selects their four, I will make another journal entry for them. Just know that everyone's entry is wonderful and I loved them all because kittehs are adorable! ^_^
A friend of mine inspired me to do a weekly feature of deviations I love. Each week I was selecting 10 deviations of a random theme. I will still be selecting 10 themed deviations, but instead of weekly... it will be for a month long. 

Please see my newest September Featured Deviants journal. I will no longer be doing weekly features at this time. Many blessings!

If you would like the opportunity to be featured in my journals, please leave comments and fave my newest journal. Thank you!

I am a member over at Thoughts Incorporated. It is a place for writing and essentially to create share inspire encourage discover.

This past month (April 2013), there was a poetry contest that required 20 words or less. I entered with my poem 'Broken Angel'… it here) and because of the support of fellow writers and the wonderful staff/moderators at ThoughtsInc, I won! Here it is:

Shrouded in darkness.
My wings now broken and bound to the floor.
Because of you; I will fly no more.

I know it's something small and I am definitely not a pro writer or anything, but it means a lot to me. I am thrilled and beyond appreciative of all of the votes my piece received.

Just for fun, here is a digital art mash-up I made to go along with it :)

Broken Angel by capturedbykc

Impossible is nothing. by Lentilcia Rambur's forktail - Ischnura ramburii by ColinHuttonPhoto
The Winter Dream by nnIKOO :thumb283652598:
A marble falling into water 03 by mimicry94 never give up by Daystar-Art
Macro Flower Drop  July 28 07 by Hatch1921 First macro by janpirnatphoto
Macro : Bed of Flowers by silverroses222 Magic Macro World by SmileyG
:thumb54849099: Little Rainbow by Kara-a

More to come :)
As I've been browsing, more and more I've stumbled across some very talented artists' whose work has a bold and powerful message to say. I will be adding some of my favorite art pieces here over time for you all to see and share.

Smoking kills. by Uribaani All Equal by ISO25
Hope by frixin PSA: Use Paper wisely by jaysu
what lies under by pepey Hell Or Heaven? by YongL
Things Inside My Head by BlackJack0919 Identity I by MoOnshine90
eve : the loss of innocence by AF-studios   Couldn't Care Less by Spleko
I gave my heart by DanieOpheliac faith by ryokogirle
Puppet by Shinobinaku When the music is forgotten by Zaratops
I've slowly but surely began to upload some of my works and creations here. It is a slow process for me as I have so much going on. For now if you want to see more, please check out my photos, artsy creations and etc here on Flickr as I have a bit more there at the moment. If you are on Flickr, add me as a contact if you like my work and I'll do the same! Thanks!

I am a self-taught (still learning every day) artist and photo enthusiast selling art and designs online. I utilize POD companies and other companies for the product/merch stock (iPhone cases, biz cards, invitations etc) and I offer/design/make the image/graphic that goes on those products for the customers. I am associated with Zazzle and Cafepress. My stores are here for Z and here for CP. Currently my website is here so that most of everything is all in one place. (it's need a bit of updating so please be patient with me, I'm in overload lolz)

You can also follow my creations, ramblings and promotional randomness on my FB biz page… and also on Twitter

I think that's about it for now...

Oh, Thank you all so much in advance for faving and commenting on my works. I really do appreciate it. Many blessings!