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Low Explosion

By captsolo
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New Year's Eve 2003.
Fireworks exploding low over heads.

It looks impressive. :>
You can see sparks bouncing off the ground.

... luckily no-one gets hurt and the party goes on =P ...
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nice one mate yet kind of blurry i think***
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As Ivyc also commented correctly - the image is blurry and tripod would have helped.

So I shall cast some light (speak of explosion :)) on this shot.
It was New Year's Eve and I was not crazy enough to carry the tripod around. Well - maybe I was, but having fun was the most important part of the plan.

The shot was taken at 1/2s, from hand, so blurriness is almost inevitable. But holding camera in hand allowed me to rapidly adjust the direction of the camera to capture this low explosion. If you look harder, you can see the outlines of people launching the rockets right beneath the explosion. :ignore:

Therefore I like this shot, its not perfect, but its live. ;)
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nice capture. The image however is a bit blurry... well a lot bit blurry. Maybe try adjusting your shutter speed so that the exposure doesn't blur the image as you move. Or use a tripod and set it steady that way. Great capture all in all... looks like the firework exploded close to the ground... must have been a nice sight to see.
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Whoa! Now that's close to the action!!
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Wow - nice shot !