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Golden Liquid

By captsolo
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Glass with a golden liquid in the rays of the beautiful sun of Greece. w00t!
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wow, great photo! realy like it! :+fav:
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Light and wine glasses are so fun to play with. ;) (Wink)

Picture perfect (bad joke, sorry) composition; I love the lighting and the saturated colors as well. That looks really tasty right now! :D (Big Grin)
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I like how the sun shines through the liquid and how the liquid shines with its color ... very nice ...
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Hug thanks for the birthdaywishes! =D (Big Grin)

This is an amazing picture, the way the light plays against the liquid and the glass. Very cool. Greece must be one of the most beautiful places in the world if this is what i can see from there! ;) (Wink)

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I agree with just. It looks like someone had just been sipping, and slowly moved the glass in a circular fashion ;) (Wink) It gives the photo an extra boost, if you will. The colors here are great.
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This is beautiful. It is such a simple thing to take a picture of ... yet ... the colors ... the reflections ... and the lighting all make it so much more complex and make it appear almost unearthly. I like this a lot.
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Hey, this is really excellent. There's a lot of beautiful stuff in your gallery but I picked this one out because I have something to point out...

Yes, it's a great shot... the lining up of the glass with the background behind it is a special touch that really brings it all out. (I could write a paragraph just on all the cleverness of THAT...) And the golden fluid has a wonderful body to it.

But what really makes this special (and quite a bit more unusual than so many of these other style photos) is exactly that there IS the extra liquid lining the inside of the glass. It really adds to a) the shape of the glass, b) the heavy almost-molten body of the liquid, and c) the quality of a moment in time, rather than a eternity in time... I.e., that liquid makes it MUCH less of a "still..."

Those reflections in the glass are pretty sweet too, esp. on the right. This ends up being a really nice treatment of a relatively heavily-mined subject.
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Sorry, forgot to vote!!! ;) (Wink)
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Hi! Great picture! But guess who I am :O (Eek) ?
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Fantastic... the sky mirrored looks great.. so clean.. great shot.. :D (Big Grin)
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beautiful, i really wish there weren't water on the outside of the glass though. i like the reflections especially.
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beautiful! this one's a lot better! great colors you know!
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call it ambrosia?
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