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Delphi - the Tholos

By captsolo
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Mighty columns of Tholos raising up to the sky, the purpose of this structure still being unknown to us...

Location: Delphi, Greece.
Age: approx 4th cent. B.C.
Three of the columns were re-erected in 1938 to provide some hint of the building's beauty.

Who knows, it could have been a transmitter of matter to the very distant stars. Unleash your fantasy!

BTW: If you look at the very to of the Tholos, you see patterns of small "buttons" like those used to attach Lego pieces together. So who invented Lego after all? ;) (Wink)
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This is so beautiful i love the motive and the contrast to the sky ... nice shot ...
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Beatuifully positioned angle. the contrast to the sky and landscape is awsome. Everything just seems so crisp and vibrant.......:) (Smile)

Wish i was there!
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Great low angle. The compsistion is great too. :) (Smile)
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wow thatts super immence ! you can totally tell its greek! wow neato!