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USS Enterprise AU Multi-View

The "New" Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser is the reimagined version for Star Trek XI by J.J. Abrams. It's based off of the original by Matt Jefferies.
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 I'm almost surprised you haven't done either of the Beyond Constitutions. Almost, because even with enough references, trying to get it all correct must be a nightmare. Last I looked, there isn't really anything to trace, besides maybe the side view.
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Your very welcome mate!!!!!!!

I fell in love with JJ Abrams Enterprise the minute I saw her in the first JJ Abrams Star Trek movie!!!!!
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about this design. I just heard and found the exact fitting name for those type of nacells on this Enterprise (Iprise).

Those nacells on this are nicknamed Churchill Nacells.
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Kewl...And yes, fitting
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I know I'm going to get a lot of hate for this, but I love Abram's movies even more than the rest of the franchise. Now, that doesn't mean I don't like the rest of the franchise.
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Every opinion will have it supporters, as well as it's detractors. Thus, even if others may disagree with you, others will. So no hate.
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Im not  sure what they where thinking. Imagine a Galaxy class with nacelles the size of its secondary hull?!  However the Abramsverse nacelle looks good on your Saladin destroyer.
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If you look at the size of the warp field projector rings on NASA's proposed IXS Enterprise concept, it's actually pretty realistic, though.
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Me either...And if the huge ship sizes are to be believed, then the JJ Galaxy Class would be nearly 1300 meters...Which is about twice the size of the prime Galaxy Class.

Making the JJ Galaxy Class nacelles about 20 meters longer than the Excelsior Class.

And thanks. Glad you  liked it.
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They did a good job redesigning that ship
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To an extent...Not a big fan of those nacelles.
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Well they did a good job
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*looks for galaxy class in awe*
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just like in the 2009 and 2013 movies good job


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need to do refit from end of star trek in to darkness
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Can you possibly do a "warp Speed" version, if you have no clue what that means, it means the Tailfins on the naccelles open up, so does the deflector dish as JJ abrhams wanted actual moving parts to the enterprise Exterior.
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If this is the original just try and imagine the refit version
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23rd Century hot-rod, complete with tailfins...I just wish they could decide just how big she's supposed to be.
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