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Fantasy Brush Pack 01

I've been meaning to do one of these for a while now. Here it is, my first set of fantasy brushes! Please feel free to use. Of course, as a reminder, do not give yourself credit for these brushes. Thank you and enjoy!
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Many thanks dude :clap:

Gracias gracias, justo el recurso que necesitaba para un mapita

Gracias eres lo máximo.

Muchas gracias, es realmente muy útil a la hora de crear los mapas para mis historias

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Gracias por compartirlo!! queda muy lindo <3

Gracias!!! te quedo super, me sirvio mucho, saludos!

Very very nice... Thank you so much. Thx for sharing too...

Muchas gracias, esto es realmente útil

Suwun sanget nggeh Kang...:headbang:

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muchas gracias por el aporte me ayudo mucho, gracias

Thank you so mucho!! This is really helpful <3

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Thank you! I'm going to use these for my D&D campaign map :)

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These are great! I plan to use them to help with my D&D campaign :)
Thank you for the wonderful art!
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Using it here, thank you:

Mini Game: Captain Black Clover's Riddles [OPEN] by SlytherclawPadawan  
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Hi! I used your awesome brushes to create a map for my fantasy novel: Wolantia Thanks :)
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Very nice. Thank you!!
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Beautiful brushes, I've been looking for something to help with my DnD maps!
I'm writing a fantasy book and I need a map for my world. Can I use it for commercial use if I credit you?
I wish to use these for a book map. If it works out, I will credit you in the copyright page. Awesome!
Nice! Thank you very much! 
Is it possible to use those brushes for commercial use?
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Great Work! I will do some experiments. Thanks.
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