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UPDATE: Shirt now available on Tee Public:…

UPDATE 1-14-12: This piece made it on Equestria Daily's drawfriends Stuff A SECOND TIME?!! Wow! I guess bronies must really like this piece.
Garterbelt: "HORI SHIT!!"

This pic was originally suppose to be my Halloween pic for this year, but after starting on the lineart on Halloween day, I knew I wasn't going to be done on time.

When I decided to do a Halloween pic for this year, I was trying to come up with something fast at the last minute at the seat of my pants. Originally, I was thinking of doing a Team Sakara pic with Rico, Rika, & Kitana Trick or Treating, with Invader ZIM's ship flying up in the background, but at the time, I knew that if I went in that direction, I would be taking forever with just the sketch. So, hoping that I could come up with something on time (with only 24 hours to go), I decided to go with a quick "Pony parody" of the famous "Sega Sonic Zombies" piece done by the great :icontigerfog:, as I wanted to try out a Zombie Pony concept. But ultimately, after getting started on the lineart, I knew I wasn't going to make it on time anyways.

For this parody of Tigerfog's original classic, I decided to recreate the original background from scratch as best I could, drawing up the background on a separate sketch, coloring it, and using my eye dropper tool to try and get the closest to the right colors used in the original background (although it was tough, due to the noise filter on the original piece getting in the way - I basically had to take guesses a couple times).

After the background was done, I simply did up all the lineart and base colors on separate multiple layers (up to 35 layers total). After that, I decided to go with a few separate shadow layers made with a gray-ish color - #8d6b6c - set to multiply at opacities between 80% & 100%. The blood and blood stains were done on six layers using two old blood tutorials I found long ago, along with some blood brushes I had. You can find the two blood tutorials here:… &…

For the parody itself:

- Princess Luna takes Shadow's place as the 'Mandatory badass' with the shot gun.
- Derpy Hooves takes Rouge's spot in the air, but instead of a gun, I letting her use her famous Muffin Cannon.
- Rarity takes Mighty's spot next to Luna.
- Apple Bloom is in Cream's place as the girl who lost everypony she loves.
- And Spike takes Tail's place as the 'Mandatory rookie' with the bazooka...or in this case, the famous Pinkie Pie Launcher!
- Twilight, Big Mac, Sweetie Belle, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, & Applejack are the zombies!

As for why I choose Pinkie Pie as an additional surivor...well...Pinkie has broken the forth wall so many times that she has developed immunities to zombie, werewolf, and vampire bites, making her not only a survivor by default, but the perfect weapon for all your Zombie-busting needs! XD

As for what's going on with the moon, I figured this whole Zombie Pony Apocolypse thing was Discord's fault, and Invader Zim somehow helped him out with it. They're both just watching the fruits of their madness with delight.

I'm very proud of this piece, as it is my first Zombie piece! X3
The only thing I hate about this pic is the way I drew Twilight and Big Mac. They both don't look right. For Twilight, I was trying to draw her coming toward Rairty while turning her head in Luna's direction. As for Big Mac, I just don't like how he came out, PERIOD. For "Zombie Dash" & "Flutter Zombie," I want them to have dry blood on them as to make them seem like survivors that got turned into Zombies later on.

Anywho, I hope this Parody lives up to Tigerfog's Sonic Original.

Done in PhotoShop CS2 with Mouse & Tablet.
Number of Layers: 79 Layers

Songs of Inspiration:
- "The Walking Dead" by DJ Z-Trip & Chester Bennington
- "Don't Fear the Fire" by Steven Lunt
- "Passage to Normal" from the Night of the Living Dead (1990) OST by Paul McCollough
- "Land of Confusion" by Genesis
- "Fearless" & "Believe" by The Bravery

Original "Sega Sonic Zombies" Concept © Tigerfog (2007) -
Pinkie pie Launcher © Flamingo1986 -
Muffin Cannon © MaximillianVeers…
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic © Lauren Faust & Hasbro
Invader ZIM © Jhonen Vasquez
MLP Parody © Capt. Rico Sakara -
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© 2011 - 2021 CaptRicoSakara
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Poor mane six is over and for once a royal sister is doing something
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well when i have 20 age i will be a director
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Its well drawn and pretty ****ing creepy
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Woah this is creepy.
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Back those Zombies from them!!
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you can't have a nightmare if you never dream, Luna...
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Can I use this for the cover art when I do my 'One Night of Terror' fanfic?
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go for it! Send a link when you do. =3
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Sure, I'll try to remember. Right now I'm still working on my main 'Gear Series' fics. I'm writing in season 3, so I only have 3 more to go. Sort of wondering if I want to start the 'My Little Sins' series (I expanded the concept) concurrently because I don't know how much time I'll have for writing. I like to do weekly releases, as though I was working for the show.
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I see zim in the moon :) great work
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Oh, so Rarity is the one who is unappreciated, and needs more attention?
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In the moon are discord, zim, and gir lol. 
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omg this could be the best zombie ponies ever so far your a legend my friend and i'm going to fave it ^^
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Discord?! WTF MAN?!

Discord- Fluttershy has been infected. There is no use to being good anymore.

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Twili?! D':
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I am so giving you a Llama Badge for this!
(if I haven't given you one already)

LOVE Derpy's muffin launcher!
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where's celestia? 0-o
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