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The head BUSTS...the logo and title... all of them were parts and pieces to a bigger puzzle...
...And this is it.

My "magnum opus" - the official theatrical poster for my Eureka Seven/Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity crossover fanfiction, "DUAL Freedom Fighters: GEEKOSTATE & SONIC HEROES" (which I code-named the "Endless Waltz" poster, for obvious reasons).

This took FOREVER to work on. I was going through so many different variations of this poster, I felt like my head was going to spin sideways! One version have just the planets and the the mecha, another showcased a bigger version of the black chaos emerald in place of the mecha. There were so many ideas I had for this piece. @__@; This was a pain-in-the-ass to work on. I even had to redo a few pieces of it just to get it looking right.

And yes, E7 fans, your eyes are not deceiving you - the winged mecha in the center IS the Nirvash, but why does it have a board, a mega-man-style blaster, and angelic wings? That's because it is not the Spec 3 for the Nirvash TypeZERO. It is the "Triad Form" (or "super form") for the Spec 3 of the new Nirvash TypeZERO-X. What is the TypeZERO-X? Well, let me break it down for you:

**spoilers alert**
My crossover is a sequel to the official E7 series, and in my story, both the Nirvash and TheEND return in new forms. Nirvash's is the TypeZERO-X, an LFO made using Extreme Gear technology. This poster features it in its organic Spec 3 form, which is exactly the same as the original Spec 3 of the original TypeZERO, except it has it's own EXgear (that's short for "extreme gear") and has the ability to morph either arm into a blaster, thus why it has one. As for having the angel wings, the TypeZERO-X Spec 3 gets them when she goes into "Triad Form." What is the Triad Form? I'm not saying anything, other than it involves Sonic, which in a way explains why he's in the poster with Renton and Eureka in the first place. (**winks**) ;3

Anyways, like the teaser posters, this poster come in three different versions: one with the black emerald above the due-date, which is what I posted here; one with the black emerald above the nirvash, within the gap in the above text, and one with the tagline and due-date in the center below the title, along with the copyrights and credits.

You view the other two versions HERE and HERE.


P.S.: if anyone wants to read the first four chapters of my crossover, go here: [link]
It's only the first draft, though...
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Is there a movie of this?