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A Silhouette Preview

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I know I've been taking a long time on this new look for Team Sakara, but I was having difficulty with the shadow layers - I was trying to get the light source from the front left side - I spend 8-12 hours on EACH CHARACTER to put in the shadowing.
In the end, I got them in, and at the time, I was playing around, seeing how the shadows looked by themselves, and surprisingly, they look pretty good. So I thought I should at least post a preview in silhouette form.
Yes, The New Team Sakara all wear the same kind of Star Trek Uniforms, right down to the actual communicator badges, and each one is match to their style and personality.
Now, all I can do is hope that these turn out good fully colored. Enjoy.
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That's incredible work.
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i wish i could draw like u
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Holy... dude this is awesome you made tails look freaking nice >_<
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This is some awesome piece of work!
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How did you figure out where to shade and where not to shade? Cause I sure as hell can not T.T
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How Did you do THIS!?!? It's awsome!!!
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may i use Team Sakara for my book sonic gx
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sure. Just give me copyright, K?
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nice this is really cool, love the coloured shadows ^^
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absolutely wicked, how do you do this stuff????
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I've seen the other three deviations. Mind if I just comment on them all in this one? (I have a full inbox and want to empty it... ^^;)

Brilliant, BRILLIANT work! I wish I could cell-shade like you, seriously. :)

*:+favlove:'s all of them*
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Wow,this is really good!
8-12 hours? :wow: Woah!

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Dude, you know you've got the shading right when you can post it as a silhouette and easily recognise the form of the characters :nod: Awesome stuff man!
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Cool, I can only do that with pens. It looks amazing though.^^
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Wow! I love the look of these!
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This is awesome,I only have a question:
why Kitana's pose looks like this:[link] and Rica's skirt looks like this?[link]
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The pose fits Kitana's personality, and The outfit fits Rika profile design-wise. I hope this isn't a problem, I just like the outfit and pose - and I think the outfit would be more sutting as a Starfleet Uniform, which is why I design one for Rika.
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I'm very boring,I know>.>
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