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Once More Unto the Bridge Dear Friends

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At long fucking last, I have finally managed to throw together the bridge of our wayward little boat, Grace. Named for the late Grace Lee Whitney, Grace is supposed to be our RP starship in a scenario where we as we are IRL are thrown into the real 23rd century, armed with the knowledge of Star Trek lore, we fight to survive and are wanted fugitives because of where we're from and are looking for a way back to the 21st century by use of an older hijacked Starfleet vessel after the initial Gorn incursion at Cestus III.

I chose her original name given by Starfleet should be "Shenzou" not because of the spacecraft in use today, but of the translation "Divine Boat". I figured it worked because we wanted a "Firefly" kinda vibe here. In my opinion, "Firefly" succeeded at the whole "Space Western" feel where I didn't feel that with the original series. :shrug:

Based upon Star Trek created by Gene Roddenberry

Original parts from falke2009
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How was this created?
I've always loved these interior renders from the old Trek Mag.
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what do you think of your ship name sharing a name with the new Discovery pilot ship?
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We Changed the Ship's name when we learned about Star Trek Discovery's intent to use the name Shenzhou.
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Wow. That is really nicely done! Love the TOS-era feel, that modernizes TOS's look without ditching it completely (looking at you, Abrahmsverse and Discovery...good designs, just not "TOS" designs...)

As a fellow Starfleet "Interior Designer" to another,  I salute you!
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No one else caught this, but the ship used used on the MSD in the aft section of the bridge, is a Pioneer class starship from Star Trek Online. Love the bridge too.
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Good eye, my friend. We were planning on her being a mesh of the pioneer and franklin from Beyond.
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Interesting combination, and thank you.:D (Big Grin)  The Pioneer doesn't get enough love in my opinion. Normal non-TOS players should be allowed to have it too, it's one of the best TOS designs I've ever seen.
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This looks great!
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This is a really sweet little bridge.
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Cool bridge!

I think that "Firefly" is a great Space-Western that emphasizes more on the Western side, whereas "The Original Series" succeeds on emphasizes on the Sci-Fi side. It depends on interpretation.
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so how do you build Bridges like this.
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Its actually a kitbash... ^^;
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Kinda puts me in mind of a Kelvin Timeline Defiant class bridge
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very cosy. you could just poke the officer next to you.
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That'd most likely be me. "STOP POKING MEEEEEE!"
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Don't make me pull this ship over! :D
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sound like a fun ship. lol
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Grace could also be for Admiral Grace Hopper, who by the way has a Destroyer named after her.  Amazing Grace as she is known was the first Female officer to achieve Flag rank in the US Navy.  She is also a computer pioneer who wrote the first programing languages, among them COBOL.  Her pioneering work in the computer field is recognized to this day.
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