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Group Info

Captive Creatures is a sanctuary for anthro and fantasy creatures in bondage. Restrained furries, scalies, avians, realistic and imaginary animals are welcome here. We were the first bondage group specifically dedicated to non-human forms, and still going strong after nearly a decade!

This group is a showcase for people who appreciate the beauty of bondage in non-human forms, and who enjoy dominant/submissive roleplay in fantasy settings. We also have a CaptiveCreatures Discord server!

Avatar art credits: Renamon Kidnapped by badass000000 and Snkbyt, Muzzled Goddess by erikson1, IA64 by DarkHeartsClub, Tails Up! by Fortuna (FA), Your Gift of Sergal by morpheuskibbe, Kaa Bondagized by Krayne (FA)

Keywords: anthropomorphic anthro bondage bound captive chained chains collar cuffs DID feral furry master muzzle restraints ropes slave tied
Founded 9 Years ago
Feb 13, 2010


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1,034 Members
1,421 Watchers
360,142 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Animals and Hybrids

Mature Content

Commission: Pair of Prisoners by Raptorroper
Bounty #7 - Gavin Umeko the Raichu by Unownace
Alice Vs Gavin Part 1 - 'The Confrontation' by Unownace
Dolly 3's Favourite 'Uniform' (For NotMolo) by Unownace
Anthro Males

Mature Content

PWYW Puppycat by Radasus
Special treatment for Blinx by HoustonSith
The Labyrinth Page 13 by Radasus
Tiranossaur Wrestler in Trouble by Onodera-kun
Anthro Females
[Trade] Alex and Kat bonding time by Mati0la

Mature Content

DOA models or Kabalmystic models by SuperSaiyanboy24

Mature Content

Sticking around for more by Leochingu

Mature Content

A Rose in Distress by Darkman-Zero
Stories and Comics



Monthly Stats

Group Activity



Mature Content

Retsuko - fan art - bondage by sheesea
Nora's Fantasy by Twokinds
Someone Will Save Me by Fragraham

Mature Content

AH by pitbullie


The Master's Code of Conduct

Submission Guidelines

Media types: We accept traditional and digital art, 3D renders, fursuits and literature. We do not accept photos of plushies or action figures, and we do not accept short 'RP starter' type journals.

Content: At least one character in the submission must be physically restrained in some way. Simply being harnessed or leashed is not enough! Other harmless fetishes may be allowed, but the piece should focus primarily on the bondage.

Standards: For submission to the group gallery, we require completed artwork that is properly inked, shaded or colored and professionally presented, or well-written literature. Incomplete work and sketches can be submitted to our Favourites.

Subject: All fully anthro and feral forms are welcome. Humans or characters which are extremely human-like may appear, but they must not be the main focus.

Treatment: Captives must not be mistreated i.e. injured, tortured with pain or put in life-threatening situations.

Mature content must not be sexually explicit (porn), and must not break DA's submission rules on mature content. See also: FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Copyright: Submissions must be made entirely by you, a collaboration between you and others, or something commissioned by you.

Multiple submissions: If you have several works you would like to feature, please don't attempt to submit them all at once. Limits are in place to stop this from happening. If you have lots of drawings that look very similar or share a common theme, please select only the best ones. This is to prevent single artists from spamming the gallery folders.

How to Promote our Group

Place the Groups box on your profile page:
Go to your profile page, click Edit Page in the top right, then find the Groups widget in the list and click to add it. If you've joined our group, it will now be on display!

Link to our club in your signature:
Go to your Settings Page and add this link code to your signature:

Put the club's avatar in your journal:
When you write a journal, add this code to show off our icon:

Many older deviants have fond memories of the DA chatrooms. Over the last 4 years, these chatrooms have become less and less popular, since DA has failed to update them and people have moved on to better chat sites and apps. Our own dedicated chatroom only gets one or two random visitors per day, who will quickly leave again because there's nobody else there.

Our moderators have been talking and thinking about moving to something else for quite a long time, but now, thanks to PaytoniThePerv getting things kick-started, we have our own home on Discord, one of the best upcoming chat and gaming apps out there.

At the moment, we have a basic selection of text-only channels that work in a very similar way to other popular furry and kinky chat servers out there, with a place to share SFW and NSFW art (we will be keeping the same rules as we have here, so porn won't be allowed! It's not in the spirit of what we do here.)

Once we have members coming in and participating, we'll determine what's working well and where we might want to expand and improve on it. Your feedback is always welcome! In the longer term, I plan to make more graphics, descriptions and a basic lore around the server to help personalize it, based on previous works by kyuubi61.

Join the CaptiveCreatures Discord server!

CaptiveCreatures Discord banner
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WHAT was wrong with my submission...??
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