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Ms. Marvel 2

Ms. Marvel 2
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Very hot, love the drool from the mouth, very well done ^^
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So this is how Brie Larson got the role of Captain

Marvel. XD This does not surprise me. Nicely drawn.

Ms. Marvel tied and ball gagged 
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This is how all sexy girls should be
lovelylipsshush's avatar
How all hot blondies should be
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Sooo much drool :3 hot
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Very hot creative work
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My girlfriend in college was into cosplay and bondage. She dressed up like Ms. Marvel and we did this exact scenario. Ahh memories...
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You're so lucky
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Looking very hot love the gag
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Wow!  Excellent work!
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Something Inside me is just saying

Jennifer Aniston IS.... Ms. Marvel

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I believe this is your best Ms. Marvel bondage pic (possibly the best out of all your pics).  The enormous ball-gag causing her drool to overflow is excellent.  Although it is difficult to see, she is getting wet in her lower extremity because of her crotch rope.  The way the ropes hug tightly around the curves of her body is well done.  I enjoy how the ropes makes her breasts become very accentuated in the pic.  Her nipples becoming erect shows she is getting turned on by this.  The look on her eyes signifies complete submission to her captor, possibly wanting more bondage.

This is as close to perfect as I have seen.  :)
nice. love the drool!
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God.....:drool:....I think she looks better in ropes!  lol
Marvelously done, you didn't ms. a thing on this one
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really exciting!
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