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Jamie and Claire - Candlelight

By Captivated2
A couple of months ago I discovered the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. And, like so many that have read before me, I have totally fallen in love Jamie Fraser. Seriously. Guh.

I don't have a lot of time for frivolity like this, but when inspiration strikes (mmm...Jamie), I can work all night.

This "illustration" is of Jamie and his wife, Claire. It's sort of a digital photo manipulation, but I did a lot of Photoshop "painting." I drew from MANY images... I was inspired by a scene from Rob Roy, and modified the faces of Gabriel Aubry and Keri Russell. Other bits and pieces are from my own photos.

Here are the "before" images with a more detailed explaination: [link])
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Hi, this is amazing
Do u do certain other ships from other fandoms?
durinheir's avatar
ahhh to be lying there :love: just beautiful!!!
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I have recently discovered the outlander series and, like you, I am totally in love with Jamie. Beautiful work.
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This is just really beautiful!! 
I LOVE your work btw! I found someone made a puzzle out of your work. Didn't even credit you! grrr. Just thought you'd want to know. You might even have fun with it!

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Did you use a model for this image. This is the best one I've seen for both of these characters. After looking at these nobody else works. Do some more please, I love them and am collecting them.
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Thanks! I did use models and have a link in my comments to the images I used. 

They have now cast the Outlander series at Starz, so I guess when I start watching, the actors may eventually replace my imaginings. But I don't see how Sam H. (who lacks the features and rugged masculinity) will ever look more like Jamie (in a still shot at least) than this...
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I think I asked the same question twice, so sorry, but that just goes to show how impressed I am with this image. Also, I totally agree with you about the series characters. I am trying hard to get these images of yours out of my head but it's hard to do since they fit just so well. The poor soul that is playing Claire has no boobs and butt and we all know how much Jamie talks about Claires endowments. Thanks for your enjoyable works.
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My wallpaper now! 
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This is just amazing! Beautifully done. :iconheartafireplz:
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Excellent work! I love this series. Can't wait for the next book :)
amoniakAngel's avatar
I'm just starting the serie and I love it ! This is one of the best representation of those two I've seen :) Well done !
Captivated2's avatar
Thank you! I love your sig, BTW. :)
kathy281's avatar
I love this series, I love Jamie, and I love your picture. Great job. Thanks for creating it. p.s. I also joined the site so I could comment. :-)
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How nice! Thanks you very much! I hope you enjoy all the great fan art here. :)
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Guh, indeed...this is breathtaking !
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mmmmm, Jamie Fraser...... ;P
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Very nice manip :)
S0ph1aR0s3's avatar
This is just how I imagined them. Awesome!
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This is so beautifully done ~ truly amazing!
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