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Legolas and Gimli
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haha I don't know why I drew THIS one.
Hope you like it! ;P :la:

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TheRebelPilot13's avatar
TheRebelPilot13|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I love this drawing of them! One of my favorite friendships and you captured it purposely. Love your style ^^
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BreakfastAtIndi's avatar
BreakfastAtIndi|Student General Artist
Sparkling even when he's about to kill someone....;)
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SeraphenaParks's avatar
SeraphenaParks|Student General Artist
Legoboy was made to sparkle ;)
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DaemonicMelody's avatar
DaemonicMelody|Student General Artist
Look at Legolas, being the fairy he is.
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RandomGamingOtaku's avatar
RandomGamingOtaku|Hobbyist General Artist
That one friend...
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GimliLover's avatar
They are funny :D (Big Grin) 
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Latheren's avatar
Latheren|Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha. Saw this in the corner of the screen, had to give you props. Just rewatched these the other day. Gold.
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Milli1850's avatar
Milli1850|Student Artist
pfhahahaha!!! XD
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ArtNinj1224's avatar
ArtNinj1224|Hobbyist Artist
Legolas is looking fabulous Winner 
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teenbeen42's avatar
"Like" is not quite the right word... I'm going to go with "love and send all my friends to stalk your gallery"~
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AnaxErik4ever's avatar
Are you training for the ballet, Legolas?  I think you might have to worry about Gimli cutting off those shapely legs of yours if you don't straighten out.
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IniStrife's avatar
IniStrife|Hobbyist General Artist
"I'm gonna shot it!"
"Don't you do it!"
"I'm gonna do it!"

Echoes in my head when I see this XD
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DragonWhisperer23's avatar
DragonWhisperer23|Student Traditional Artist
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FireMoon42's avatar
FireMoon42|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Leggy learned to be fabulous like his adaI am a dummy! 
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Tamuril2's avatar
I know why you drew it. Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!Oh oh oh oh *gets picked* Cause I needed a good chuckle that involved Legolas and Gimli. :grin: 

I think my favorite part are the sparkles around Legolas. So typical. :tehe: 
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CaptBexx's avatar
CaptBexx|Hobbyist Artist
Yes! Exactly! XD
I'm so happy that it made you laugh! :hug:
He's magnificent!sparkle emote ;P
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Tamuril2's avatar
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Szaura's avatar
Legolas here is majestic! Just like an unicorn :3
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StellaStarletJ's avatar
Leoglas is shining all the time;P  
Like your artworks!
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LadyofAzzaroth's avatar
LadyofAzzaroth|Student General Artist
I love this so much XD :giggle:
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Ralinde's avatar
Lol. I do! Normally I find it irritating how elves are sometimes made out to be prissy and all that but this seemed more like Legolas acting like it purely to annoy Gimli in which case I had to laugh. :) Nice work.
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SnowyOwl765's avatar
SnowyOwl765|Hobbyist General Artist
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jetvigem's avatar
My favorite pair in LOTR, their escapades are so funny! You are so talented!
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