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fetish photography for 20 years !

creator of Captive Culture + Latex Culture ...

focus on glamour bondage & sensual love

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photo series 328-01 DL
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FUN IN LAS VEGAS bedroom session at the Luxor Hotel

Dana came in Las Vegas for the BondCon 2004 … she knew the jacuzzi would be great for bondage !

arms in the back, hair tied to her feet, this bed was comfortable. Dana had to kneel on a table : gagged in front of the window, before to relax in the water, bubbles were really exciting for she.

shot on 2004, January 08 + 09

published on Captive Culture

my blog is back online ... I have several things to manage but the essential should be working like some URL's including this one the links are broken forever some galleries need to be fixed
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45 images starring Mina enjoy your free download ! related link : Back in 2009, the day after one Shibari School meeting, Mina came back at home after a fetish party … she was too tired for shooting and we had to deal with this issue and even more. Let’s explain the background of this session. Graziella was awaited for the free bondage event I was used to organize in my small house at this period. She also had to do this shooting scheduled on sunday but Graziella didn’t came. She didn’t warn us and had no valuable excuse. That’s why I stopped working with Graziella after this major lack of respect. We planned to focus that day on girl/girl action but Mina had to model alone. I won’t talk more about these changes and the extra energy needed to do our photo session. Mina got a short night and slept maybe one hour in the train … I knew it wouldn’t be easy for my model when I understood the other girl would not come. Mina had to manage these conditions and
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45 images starring Clochette enjoy your free download ! related link : Several weeks after our first shooting together, I invited Clochette for another bondage session at home … my friend Alain was also my guest to shoot some pictures while I was busy with my ropes. I don’t know exactly the reason why but I decided to play with one bamboo stick and it inspired me enough to make an interesting bondage position. I didn’t want to make a long and static suspension for Clochette so I prefered to let the french girl playing and moving with her legs : sometimes totally free, others time with one leg in the air. We played naturally exploring several ropework variations and catched some pictures. I don’t have a lot of things to write about that day : again, it was very pleasant to tie Clochette who is a playful bondage model. I have a small regret about the images : my lighting was too basic and it didn’t bring anything cool to the photography. Later, I did a major
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one year after the BondCon in Las Vegas, Rachel came to Paris & got several days to play with Dana ... back in 2005 ... Dana discovered how Rachel is skilled to torture a cute girl ! She’s an expert in nipple pulling : I thought the french girl would never stop moaning under her fingers ... second day of shooting for Captive Culture : the game was intense between the two girls 2005, March 17 : we used the armbinder made by Ledermeister brought by Rachel to start our second shooting day. No escape for Dana in this single-glove tied to one rope teasing her crotch. She has been bound on my office chair to let Rachel turn around Dana. second day with Rachel ... Dana was probably aware that her american friend would tease her nicely ! But she didn’t expect that Rachel could dominate her body & mind so easily. From my point of view, Rachel decided to test & push her limits after their first time together. one more step in the game between these two girls ... Rachel found a
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don't miss my tribute to the BondCon 2004 one blog post to read about this trip in Las Vegas enjoy the video with Dana at the Luxor Hotel please like & share … have a nice week-end !
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40 images starring Magena Yama enjoy your free download ! related link : Glamour session with Magena Yama : let’s start with the single-glove before to use some ropes ! If you miss the first session shot in my jungle, Magena Yama visited Paris on March 2011 : she was a talented glamour and bondage model from Italy. We had one day to shoot before she leaves France and time flies quickly when you never met the girl before. So, we finished our first and unique shooting session with this photo series in the yellow light. When I don’t know the model and she’s working for the pictures only, I am used to propose the best shooting configurations available in my small house. That’s why I used my warm lighting again. Magena got the chance to be bound with the leather single-glove made by request by my friend Heiko. I always loved bondage pictures using an armbinder but it took me several years to get a nice one and we used it only few times. As I said previously
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75 images starring Dana enjoy your free download ! related link : Let’s share today the first steps of Dana into my universe. She has never been bound before but I found the right words to give her the desire to try. On year 2002, bondage was still confidential in France and most of my models hesitated to shoot for Captive Culture. After my meeting with Dana around a drink, I had the feeling she would be perfect to reach a new level on Captive Culture. Dana was looking great : slim body and nice face like several of my models but she had something more. Dana was open-minded, motivated and ready to work on the project … she wasn’t experienced but I knew she would quickly learn. I scheduled the first session at my photo studio : we finished it several weeks before and that was nice to welcome Dana in this new place. We started with something simple : a nice lingerie set and some bondage tape. After a while, Dana was bound : elbows in the back, knees and feet
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50 images starring Kat + Greta enjoy your free download ! related link : Back to 2001, March 18. Let’s continue to explore the first shooting with two girls for Captive Culture. After the second photo series shared recently, it’s time to have a look to the third and last one. It has been a long day but we took the time to switch roles as explained in my previous post. Greta changed her short latex dress for a longer one. I still like this outfit which was simple but also very sensual. You have to know that Greta discovered the unique feeling of being dressed in latex during her first photo session with me and she loved it. Then, Greta was really happy to wear this dress and play with Kat who wasn’t co-operative : kneeling in front of the 18 years old girl has not been easy for the experienced model who was also a teacher in her daily life. I had a nice toy in my suitcase : Kat didn’t want to lick the dildo. Greta found the solution and put the rubber toy
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75 images starring Greta + Kat enjoy your free download ! related link Today, we celebrate the 21st anniversary of Captive Culture which has been created on 2000, September 28th … I bring back online one photo series shot on 2001, March 18. Sixth shooting day : it was my first time with two girls and I quickly liked it ! Even if the image quality looks like a vintage pic now, I guess you will appreciate to watch Kat and Greta playing together, the gorgeous woman dominating the kinky girl. I already knew Greta who digged into this adventure right after the first session. We were connected and explored several situations together until this special afternoon with Kat who has been the third woman modeling for Captive Culture. I got the chance to meet her during one happening taking place in an adult store in Paris. Greta helped to persuade Kat who was a very experienced model for glamour, lingerie and nude photography. She wasn’t involved into BDSM but she
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90 images starring Anaïs + Angelina enjoy your free download ! related link : Back in 2006 for the first day with Angelina. At this period, I was still searching new models to avoid shooting the same girls. Since the beginning, you know when a newcomer will be inside or outside of the team : no judgment, that’s just a matter of feeling or spirit. I met Angelina who was used to work with amateur photographers for several years. Her modeling skills were good and I appreciated her ability to prepare herself without having to give my instructions. She didn’t know the fetish universe and she had no real interest about it. We did several sessions which were pretty good but, most of the time, I had to add a kinky girl. In this case, Angelina was far better. First, because she was attracted by the other girls. Second, no need to play a role which was too far away from her nature. So, we started her first day at home shooting for Latex Culture. After this, After two
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