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So Forsa-kun tagged me in his neat little challenge foray into Janet (Which I in no way assisted in any capacity!) which means I gotta divulge a bit about everybody's favorite kinky sex demon.  So let's not waste any time here!


1. Post all the rules of the challenge.
2. Choose one of your characters, and post eight facts about them.
3. Tag eight other people, along with one character from each person tagged.

Character Selected: Nora (Nora'liel Nallios)
  1. Nora was originally created as a "Meta-OC," a character of mine that could exist and fit in with as many different characters and OCs of friends no matter the style or race involved.

  2. Her braided hairstyle was inspired by Johanna from Heroes of the Storm/ The Female Crusader from Diablo 3 (As seen in her initial short-side hairstyle).

  3. Nora has a child's attention span.  She is very quick to sudden spurts of complete enthrallment over a particular subject that she might have just learned about.  It can be quite dangerous for her friends, as her first watching of the Cretaceous Park series left her running around the city as a Tyrannosaurus for six straight days.

  4. Nora's true form, like all members of her Lustine race is a mystery kept only unto themselves.  While they act as if their horned, tailed-selves are their "natural" look, it is said that those who have seen the REAL body of a Lustine have not lived much long after...

  5. The white hair sported by both Nora and her sister Nowi ( Yep, sister :3) marks them as Lustine-Prime, the highest echelon of their race and those most suited to the role of Queen among their people.  While normal Lustine have complete control over their shape-shifting powers, Lustine-Prime tend to keep their white hair in some capacity through all their transformed states.

  6. Being new to the various aspects of the modern, mortal world, Nora is extremely bad at comprehending factual history from fictional storytelling.  Considering she is a demon and knows a lot about the true history of mankind, it makes for very comical situations when watching fictional films discussing the occult, or a regular Historical Network viewing of MonsterAdventure.                                                                                                                                                                   
  7. Nora is painfully bad at video games, preferring to stick to the nostalgic Funtendo 86 console of the human 1990's despite having no understanding of the concept of nostalgia herself.

  8. The shape-shifting powers of the Lustine can give complete shifts in body functions.  Transforming into a creature of the sea will give them the appropriate gills and underwater breathing but for many, it takes years of their long lives to understand and control appropriately.  Nora has mainly used her powers to mimic humans for her desire-capturing services, thus leading to situations where the necessity of flight or underwater breathing going haywire quickly.

Tag Choices: (Participation is voluntary and fun) - and by voluntary and fun, I mean you have to and I want you to not enjoy any moment of it c:<

:icongaz-knightofnylrac: 's Blue
:iconcymic44: 's Lisa
:iconberggie: 's April
:iconllngerle: 's Lulu
:iconroyaloppai: 's Delta
:iconmisteremruld: 's Emm
:iconhotcakesam: 's Sayako
- :iconsubesan: 's Venus


Cymic Patreon Preview: May 1st, 2019
Here's the preview for our upcoming Patreon releases coming out on May 1st, 2019!

A space-faring sequel and the introduction of the Artemis Inn await you guys in our content this month!

Vanessa Starchaser and the Ancient Planet:
Vanessa Starchaser returns in a brand new, space-tacular adventure!  Fresh off her little "accident" with the orb of growing, it seems her luck might have finally turned around.  When a mysterious beacon is set off on a once-thought deserted planet, it leaves our bubbly space explorer the only person close enough to respond in time.  Once she arrives, it appears the "deserted" planet still has quite a few inhabitants, as well as some mysterious ancient rituals that Vanessa might have walked herself into...

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Giantess, Size Comparison, Aliens, Multiple-Women Growing.

A Backside Chat:
We go on a fun, butt-focused picture pack this month!  Meet Stacy Star, a very prideful and expensive woman working at the Artemis Inn.  It appears that you've paid quite a hefty sum for some one-on-one time with Stacy and her bountiful behind and she will not let you hear the end of it.  If only you knew that the women of the Artemis Inn were more than meets the eye...

Features: Ass Expansion, Light-domination, PoV


Both of these sets are going to be exclusive to our 5$ patrons that joined before the release date, so if you're interested, be sure to go take a look here!

Art by : :iconcymic44:

Story by: :iconcaptainxero:

Members of our Patreon get a week-early access to our stories!
Check us out on E-Junkie!
Growth Drive: Lucina's Awakening - Level 1
Howdy howdy there everybody!

This has been a project in the making for a fair bit of time now, but Gaz-KnightofNylrac and I are finally ready to get this one going!  For a while now, you've been seeing a little spattering of Gaz-KnightofNylrac work here on my end, but we've been eagerly wanting to get a bigger project going, one that would be fun for everybody involved, so what better way than to make something where everything you guys all do matters most!

For anybody who doesn't play Fire Emblem or Smash Brothers, allow me to introduce you to Lucina, one of the main protagonists of Fire Emblem: Awakening and a personal favorite to Gaz-KnightofNylrac and myself.  In those games (like basically every RPG) a character defeats goes and gains experience in order to level themselves up and get stronger, that's why we have some fun stats here for all of you to see.  Why do these stats matter in this case exactly?  Well, if the whole growth drive in the title didn't give it away, we'll be asking for all of your help to get Lucina leveling into biggest lord unit she can possibly be!

A Fire Emblem character tends to meet their most important mark at level 10, when they become capable of promoting to an even stronger class, as well as the maximum levels (at least more often than naught) at level 20.  That leaves us with 19 more levels for us to reach!

"But Cap and Gaz, that must take a lot of money considering this is a growth drive!"

That's the funnest part, we built this drive to be free!  There's plenty of ways to appropriately level up Lucina here:

- A Fire Emblem character always levels up after 100 experience is reached.

- A single view, whether on mine or Gaz-KnightofNylrac 's pages of this on DA will count for 0.25 experience.
- A favorite on either of our pages will count for 2 experience.
- A comment will count for 5 experience, but comments of substance only!  No cheating and spamming us with "." or such, we want y'all being proactive here :D
- If you DO really want to support this with money, we'll take the comical microtransaction approach!  Sending Gaz-KnightofNylracKo-fi donation will be a large boost of experience, however, they will be highly diminishing in effectiveness.  We'll love any and all support we get, but this is more about the fun of what you guys can push us to create!

The two of us have a ton of ideas in mind and plenty in store for these.  I hope you guys enjoy this first pic, we got plenty of "leveling" for Lucina in store with your help!

Here's Gaz-KnightofNylrac 's Artwork without the overlay c:

Artwork by :icongaz-knightofnylrac:


CaptainXero's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hiya everybody, Cap'n speaking!

I'm just another Expansion/Inflation junkie who wants to give back to the people who've given me so much enjoyment the last few years. I'll probably have some of my own art up eventually, but for now, stories and commissions are where it's at.

Do I have anything specific to write about myself here? Well a little I guess. So for a long time now I've been a lurker at various places, always enjoying the content that's rolled out for my own amusement. But even back then, I always felt bad about not being able to give back to the community of people who share similar interests. While I do draw, I'm far too self-conscience to put anything up here (at least at the moment, still working past it) I've dabbled in creative writing. So, with my average writing skills, a plethora of talented artists, and a sick pair of sunglasses later, Captain Xero was born!

I would like to quickly welcome everybody to my page who does read this. I'm happy that you've found my little slice of growth content, and I hope you enjoy it enough to tell others to maybe peak their heads around.


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