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A whole new year and a whole new start!

Lately I've been getting a lot of emails from people requesting for me to help out in various gaming related materials. Right now, I've got about two projects to be working on (both requiring to design pixelart assets for people) whilst others are requesting animations for their youtube channels. Lucky for me, finishing highschool has eased the stress down by a lot, and I can't wait to see what to accomplish with more pixel related artworks throughout the rest of the year.

Another thing from me, I will currently be having work exhibited in Top Designs Melbourne 2014, as celebration for my achievements within Multimedia last year. The exhibit will go on for about a month, and will feature both mine and a few of my friends pieces as part of it.

Finally, Uni appears to be coming close, so I will be busy at some point during the year working on studies and perhaps some part-time work. Once again, I willing to consider some more pixel related work as part of some extra dough, but I'm going to be looking at a more reliable source of outcome for the rest of the year. :)

- Toog
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Its been a rather busy couple of days for me, as I recently got short listed for Top Designs 2014 as of this week :D

Basically, I'm going to be sending off my work to VCAA for them to read over and judge whether or not I'm eligible for entry into Top Designs. I'll be notified within January as to how successful I was (whether I got in or not) and from there on out, I'll either be having my work showcased in Melbourne's Gallery :)

Wish me luck!

- Toog
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It is done.

I've given my media teacher all that is required for entry into 'Top Screens 2014'.

To those who are unaware, Top Screens is essentially a line up of all the top marked media productions throughout Victoria (Australia) and basically it is rounded off to the top 10 or so people to have their work shown in Melbourne. Its sort of a big thing for me, and submitting 'SwordQuest' will hopefully boost some notoriety and get more people to check out my animation.

Short listed people are given out the emails in December, so fingers crossed that I at least achieve that! >____>"

- Toog
I've been urging myself to further develop my skills now.

Pixel-art is great and all, however looking over at a few of my friends artworks, I looking into expanding myself a little further with the purchase of a Wacom tablet for myself :)

Its going to be a weird couple of months, with probably a few ugly deviants on the way. But hey, if I can work with pixel art for 8 months and feel comfortable about it now, I'm up for it :D
Now what? O.o
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So with the completion of my units this week, I'm happy to say that I'm done with my Unit 4 subjects of year 12 :D


And the weight of it all has certainly placed heavy burdens on my health. Given I was already a bit unhealthy prior to year 12, the stress of completing these units has impacted me greatly, so recovering from that is going to take a while.

Nevertheless, I am happy, and I wish my friends the best of luck in completion of some other SAC's they're doing this week as well. :)

- Toog

P.S. Watch/like/share Swordquest with all amongst your friends and stuff. Worked really hard on this, and would appreciate it if I got more people into this
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Its was February that I showed one of my friends a proposal idea for an pixelart/8-bit adventure animation for my media production. Needless to say, he liked it, and that kind of motivated me to pursue this as my main production piece for Media.

For 7-8 months I've worked on this (not all the time, but you get what I mean). Hours and hours of my time taken up for character/set designs, voice acting recordings, animating and editing.  

I think I can safely say, this is the most amount of time I've dedicated to ANY project. Taking my skills gathered from the past three years, as well as my newest ones from my VET Multimedia class, I think its safe to say I'm done.....

SwordQuest is done.........

I would like to thank my friends for taking up their time in helping me out with the voice acting, as well as others who have been helping me through this in providing me feedback with my drafts and all that.

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Nearly friggin done with this project.

Finally placing mouth movements into the assignment >___<
Okay, been working at a company called Worldwide Gaming for these last 6 months, and coming up this September is their new TV show that is going to be broadcasted on Ch31 (to people in Aus Victoria) :)

Whilst I'm still a little new to flash animation and feel that I've still got much to learn, the company has got me working on intros for their segments, which is pretty awesome :D

As well as that announcement, I'm nearly done with the recordings for Swordquest and expect the project to be completed by early September :D The voice actors I've got are pretty awesome (they're my mates... lol) and its been a busy month for both me and them.

Until then, more animating for me!

- Toog

Worldwide Gaming Facebook Link:…
Just a quick update on my little project I've got going on :)

Recently began recording with my friends for my media project 'SwordQuest' so its safe to say that the process is coming along very nicely :D

with that completed soon, I will then be commencing editing of all the tracks and then assembling the finished piece!

- Toog
Finally got around to putting up my animation on youtube :D

To those of you who are curious enough, check out on the link below :)


One down, another one to go.... ;_____;
Just completed my Multimedia Flash for school and well, its kinda rubbish :P

For the next week, I'll be adding some more mouth animations, fixing up some ugly pixel settings that has effected the quality of the images, editing some recordings that are distorted and perhaps even uploading the product on YouTube.

This is literally the first time I've ever made a flash entirely based on 8-bit drawings, so don't expect it to be the best in the world.

- Toog
So I'm nearly finished up with my multimedia assignment and now in the process of animating my media piece.

So far, it seems to be going alright, though I'm finding the process at times to be very overwhelming and stressful. Various things are going wrong with some of the images I have created and some are requiring more to achieve fluent animation (I have around 290 character images for the main production piece, with my character 'Guilty Manners' taking up the most with over 169 images generated).

Adding to the fact I've got three other subjects with Homework and another folio piece, things are quite bleak.

Hopefully by the end of this all, I can reflect on the effort I have put into this and be proud at all the work I have done :)

- Toog
With the holidays commenced, I'm now bored out of my brains and looking into more 8-bit artworks

Aside from my Multimedia and Media work, I'm stumped for any ideas.

Taking up ideas for some 8-bits drawings to occupy me :)

So like, feel free to comment

- Toog
This isn't going to be a daily update from me, but I thought I'd may as well bring this up :)

Multimedia flash is going pretty well down here (yay!) so only a few more scenes need animating, voice acting needs to be collected and editing needs to be done.

For a little back story for those who are unaware, the criteria for this animation essentially asked me to create a short that was targeted at a current youth issue that teens are currently facing. Whilst a few of my friends decided to upon 'Cyber Bulling' and 'Depression' I decided to explore the issues of 'Sexting' :D

As a result of my selection (and odd personality) I'm aiming for this to be funny as well as informative to my target audience :D

Going to be a long couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

- Toog
So I thought it would be a good idea to make usage of this journal entry thingy for once :)

So essentially, I'm a student currently working in Media/Multimedia studies.

I'm working on two projects currently, all of which involved in Flash and both entirely 8-bit themed (yeah, lawl). This will be my first time working with Flash with the incorporation of 8-bit images created via photoshop, so I'm expecting it to not be too flashy (haha, I'm so funny). However, nevertheless, it will be an interesting experience overall within the next couple of months.

- Toog