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Hi. I'm a person. I used to run Inflatechan and sometimes I make things.

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I'm attaching this journal entry as proof that I was actually the one commenting in the recent 4chan thread (spherical inflation). It's been a long time since Inflatechan went down. I was working on [a replacement] for the better part of a year as much as I could. The few people that I showed it to were very critical of it being un-chan-like. I liked the ideas: tags instead of boards so people wouldn't bitch about stuff being in the wrong place. Comments on a per-image basis. Registration to prevent spam. It was basically a booru. After a while the inflation board came back to BBW-chan and I started browsing inflatebooru. Between those, I
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Status Update: InflateChan 2 is Feature Complete! I put the last touches on the site's backbone today.  It's still ugly as sin, but everything works (including for mods).  I'm going to try to spend some time making it not look so bad and polishing of...
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Question about InflateChan 2: Early feedback. One thing I've heard from the few people that have used it is, "This is really complicated."  A lot of me doesn't want to exactly emulate the style of the old chan.  I like the booru-style with s...
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If you're still around, please respond to this: It's been over four years since your last update, and I know you're still alive on the fangame site itch (not going to type the full name because it'd generate a link to the site in question) because your game where you have to get potions of vitality, potions of stasis, and counterspell ingredients (as evidenced by the voice clips that play each time you get the respective items) before the girl character you're controlling supposedly explodes seriously needs improvement, not just in character models and morphing, but also in the voice clip department. I mean, it's good, but it needs lots of work.

heya nice to meet you

Did he ever relase that final Model Test code before he dissapeared?
I wonder when Inflatechan will be back... I'd love to suggest a website hosting site that BBW-chan uses.
Think he poofed...
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Do you know of another hub like Inflatechan? Inflatebooru isn't exactly the same.