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Harry Potter Snape's Patronus Doe

This is Snape's and Lily's Patronus it's a doe. It is roughly 100 layers.
I also used a clip from the movie as a reference to how the doe is posed and stuff.
Stocks used:
-Forest/BG: link
-Doe Start (don't know if the orginal is even visable but i used it as a reference): link
-Brushes (my all time favorite brush set): link
-Textures and effects (hope I didn't leave one out): link,
link, link, link, link, link link, link, link, link, link, link, link
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100 layers! That is impressive! And it's the Patronus of my favourite HP character!! 
Thanks for pointing out the brush set - that will come in handy for me! :nod:
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I absolutely love that brush set! I use it all the time it's so good for every project, smoke, breeze, wind, magic, anything! Glad you enjoyed it.