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Oh yeah I have journals I could be updating as well here on Deviantart! I guess I should do that more often now!

Anyways just wanted to let you guys know that I have a 3DS now and have been enjoying it so far. It's a pretty neat little device!

If any of you have a 3DS I would love to swap friend codes with you!

Mine is 5327-1279-1042!

Hopefully I can play some games with you in the future!

Besides that I was busy doing up a grant application so I could perhaps get some money while I work on Mush-A-Mush. That was a lot of hard work. I won't find out till next year but I can't wait to start working on it in the New Year!

Speaking of the new year I might have some new artwork up sometime before then! There's a bunch that I need to get coloured I just haven't had the time till recently! So who knows maybe that will happen!!

Anyways that's all! See ya soon with some new artwork or something!
I've been enjoying playing the new Pokemon Black lately! It's pretty fun so far. I've even done my first piece of Pokemon fanart which will be up sometime soon here!

Anyways the point of this journal, anybody wanna trade some friend codes to battle online?

Here's my code: 2880 8987 0636 Trainer name: Tim

Leave your code in the comments and I'll add you back! Can't wait to battle some peeps!

Also expect some new artwork pretty soon, most likely the weekend!!
I just wanted to let people know that I've started updating my webcomic, One of those days, again. I'm doing something a little different and it should hopefully be lots of fun! Go check it out!

Also I'm hoping to put up some new artwork here soon too! So look forward to it!

No, not really.

But the 150th comic for One of those days went up today and that is pretty exciting!

So go check it out if you haven't already!!

Also be sure to check out the forum!

Anyways enjoy the comic!
Hey it's the future!

I think people on Deviantart will get to see a lot more artwork from me this year. I've been trying to draw everyday and my plan is to upload all the drawings at the end of each month. It'll be fun.

Also I'm going to let you know that I've started updating One of those days again and I will be doing so twice a week! So go check it out here:

Anyways I'm hoping this will be a good year for me and I hope that it's a good year for you as well! Work hard!

See ya with some artwork soon!
It's been awhile since I've updated this journal. I usually don't really feel like updating this, but I feel like I should probably a bit more active now.

Things have been going well since the last journal. Been in a great relationship, work has started back up again, and now I have more time for working on my own projects.

One of those days will start updating again tomorrow. I'm going to start writing my Allison and Sean story really soon. And I'll just try to draw more in general.

Anyways I'm soon at 10,000 pageviews! I guess I'll draw something to celebrate or draw something for someone who catches it or something? Wow I just said something 3 times in one sentence. Clearly I should stop writing.

Yup, my webcomic , and the rest of surfacingpoint , now has it's own forum. Kinda bare right now but once all of you join it will be the happening place! Forum!
Yeah I promise you it will be awesome!
So go and join!

Anyways besides that.
Work has been going well. Hopefully we will be getting this upcoming project so I'll have work for another year. And then things will continue to be going well.

What else.
Iron Man = sweet.
I can't wait to see Indiana Jones 4. That will be awesome.
Going to see Prince Caspian perhaps this Friday. I still have to watch the first movie. Hopefully I'll enjoy it.

And lastly, I have a birthday coming up soon. So ummm yeah? Go me?

I'm now off to work on some comics!
Threes years on Deviantart happened for me yesterday. I figured I should actually give this thing an update.

Tomorrow is my Birthday! I will be 21 at 7:36 tomorrow morning! I don't really have any plans to celebrate yet. Maybe I'll think of something to do on the weekend. Or maybe not do anything. Who knows!

I guess I'll give a recap of what I've been doing this past year.

I got my first job in September working on a kids show on CBC, called Bruno and the Banana Bunch.

So I moved up to Halifax to an awesome apartment. Work on  Bruno. It was a pretty good time.

That ended in December, and in January I started working at Copernicus, on a great show coming up, George of the Jungle. It's been super fun working on that show. I think people will enjoy it.

Hmm I've been having a bit of an artist block lately... hopefull I'll get over it soon
So you can expect some new drawings from me sometime in the future.

Umm I don't know what else....  I don't like writing alot for journals and rants. Oh well.

So until next time I guess that's it
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Yup as of today I've been on Deviantart for two years...  so I figured I should at least update my journal for this.

Lets see...

On Tuesday it's going to be my 20th birthday... I am no longer going to be a teenager, which means I can start yelling at them to get off my lawn hahaha

My webcomic has been going pretty strong. I'm now up to 56 strips and I still have plenty more ideas to come. If you haven't checked out my webcomic I suggest you do. Either click the website button or go through here

I've also finished up college and I'm curently looking for a job.. hopefully I will find one soon.

And hopefully I will get some more pictures up soon. I have a couple of fanarts that I want to do.

Well I guess that's it for now.

Catch ya later


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Yeah... haven't been on here for awhile. (like always)
But yeah... I am out of drawing shape.... so I am going to take three requests.
The first three people to ask for a request shall have me draw anything they would like.
So be quick!!

Well in other news.... I have had a web comic up and running for quite some time now... since October I think. Check it out if you haven't already. Just hit my website button or go to

First semester of this school year went pretty good. I got all my work done and got around 90's for all my marks. And I was proud of my animation... which is the important thing... although I still need to work on alot of things.

Christmas went pretty good for me... I got lots of good stuff... like 2 seasons of Smallville which I have been watching the last 2 or 3 days. I've had lots of good food too over this break... I'm working at keeping it off too... and working at getting back in shape... won't take too long. I've also got to have some fun time with Laura which is awesome!

Hmmm... I guess that's it for now.
Be sure to be quick to request!


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I found the greatest of news...…

Yes... a direct to video Futurama video!
Could this possibly mean a return to tv eventually?

We can only hope...

In other news I been working lots on my work term and the storyboards are coming along nicely... a whole lot better then my thumbnails.
I'm hoping I get that all done in time and with lots of quality.

Well hope you're enjoying your summer!
Till next time!


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Fri May 27, 2005, 7:39 AM
Yay! I finally get to see this Deviantart subsciption in action

Yup... I'm actually doing a new journal. I figured that it's been March since my last one that I should probably do one... oh and the fact that Laura was poking me to do one.

Well lets see... I actually got myself a job for right now... yup I'm working at Tim Hortons... however it is seriously cutting into my time for drawing pictures and doing other stuff. I have three...umm four... ummm... alot of pictures started that I really want to finish. Arghh...

Hmmm... also I have a webcomic going on with three other friends of mine called Nameless... however I haven't had the time to do any comics for that because of how swamped I am.
You could probably check it out

Well I'm too tired to really think of much else
I can't wait for Friday... get to see Laura w00t :)
oh Congratulations to her for getting to the next level for her karate... I was really proud :thumbsup:

Well don't expect another one of these for awhile... or expect another some time soon... who knows!?

That's it
Good night! *pop*

*~Club I belong to~*
Skiing here I come!!!

Today shall be fun!!


~Clubs I belong to~

Yeah I really haven't used this for a long time... sorta busy with all the work here... and the fact that I'm too lazy to update...

Well the main point of this is to say I'm now a member of :iconpapermarioclub:

Hopefully I update with some more picture sometime soon.
Don't you just love it when after you have a somewhat stressful week, you get rewarded with an awesome weekend?

I know I do!

All the work on a history presentation and the "Jazzercise" animation thingy it was sure nice to spend time with Laura and getting to go see the Spongebob Squarepants movie (which by the way, was awesome)

Well... I really don't have much to say besides that...

Um... expect to see some more drawings soon!
Wow... summer is almost over.
It's hard to believe...

And as soon as it starts to get over I start to get so many great ideas for new drawings. Dah!

Hopefully I can get some of them done before the summer is over, including the one that I've been working on for the whole summer but I think will be worth it.

It's going to be weird heading off to college...  but at the same time exciting. Although... it's going to suck that I don't have any phone or internet in my room. Knowing my luck, they'll also won't have cable and I won't be able to use a cell phone because it's a dead area. That would REALLY suck. :S

Well I guess I should be off to work on some drawings because I don't really have anything else to do for the afternoon.

Later!      *pop*      ^-^
Well things have been going pretty good lately.

My latest drawing is coming along quite nicely... or so I've been told. It has been described as "Jawsome" by Laura :P

whee!! ... finger twirl!

Soccer is going good as well. Our team is current;y in 2nd place. However I don't have a game for a while and I actually get a Saturday off! Yay!


Well I really don't know what else to write. So...
only a couple of hours till I go Kerrrr plomp...
I don't know what to really write in here...
Just got this Deviantart account underway... go me! I will soon have tons of pictures for here... there are two write now that I'm working on. One I should hopefully have done sometime this week, and the other one might take more along the lines of months :S