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Calvin and Hobbes

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Calvin and Hobbes:
In my opinion, the best comic strip ever.
I felt like drawing a picture of them just because I wanted to do a summer picture and I think of Calvin and Hobbes when it comes to summer. (I also think of them for winter too though :P )

I think that this is probably my favourite drawing that I have used markers for
I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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I agree with the "best comic ever" bit.
MikuHatsuneMMDlove's avatar
Wooowww... did you use Copic markers?
risingstar1011's avatar
Could have come right off the canon comics! Excellent rendition!
BearGlitch's avatar
Lets go find a body yeah!
Sarah57255's avatar
:'D I used to Love Calvin and Hobbes,now I want to go read the comic.
FloofPuppy's avatar
Great for a cartoon if the creator WANTED one.=)
1AMPD's avatar
i like the creativity in this picture. it's different then what you usually see.
louis23's avatar
hey wha kind of markers did you use?

awesume pic!
xXNoraMarieXx's avatar
Aww!!! That's awesomely epically great!!!
Faerygrl's avatar
Yet another whirlwind adventure ahead :)
Lord44's avatar
aww, this is great.
Zndr64's avatar
this reminds me of animal crossing... lol
btw i love calvin and hobbes
EnuoCale's avatar
This picture reminds me why getting older sucks.
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getonthebus's avatar
I really like this!

Great job.
captainsponge's avatar
Thank you very much!
bkev's avatar
Best fanart of them I´ve seen yet! Good job.
captainsponge's avatar
Thanks for the fav!
bkev's avatar
welcome... this is so awesome it ain't even funny.
bitchwolf's avatar
Warm colors and that shading is awesome... You sure handle markers well. (what kind did you use btw?) Nothing much to add except agreeing with all the other comments :) It's very much Calvin & Hobbes and it's very much SUMMER. ^^ The kind of pic that should make you want to go treasure-hunting, no matter if you're five or seventy-five or anything in between. Which is pretty much what Bill Watterson does to you ;)
kayrie's avatar
Calvin is right where he feels happiest...the outdoors. I wonder what adventure they're on now?

Wonderful dreamy, childlike.
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