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My Warrior Cats Clan (TOP 8 CATS)

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The elements of earth clan are finally here!
The are my cats O.C.
Free for breedables but before you do read the rules
1. ask for permission
2. cannot breed the ones already with a mate (unless i say so or it is already it's mate^^)
3. link me back to drawing
4. no stealing
5. credit me
6. have fun and enjoy!
1.STATUS: Single
NAME: Blue Token
STORY:found in the woods as a kit and was raised by the Thunder Clan then ran away for a mysterious reasons.
NAME:Star Lone
STORY:He grew up in the Fire Clan and got burned and abused by the his dad the leader and he ran away.
MATE:Ember Blaze
NAME:Ember Blaze
STORY:She grew as a house kit and got board of life and ran away to the forbidden part of the fence and went and found a new life with Star Lone.
MATE:Star Lone
4.STATUS:Taken mentally
NAME:Ginger Fire
STORY: she has a dazed past and was actually born in this clan. she went missing for years and came back. She doesn't remember anything but imagines another cat she is mates with her imagination.
MATE: a figment of her imagination named Star Wolf
5.NAME:Stains Pine
STORY:he was born in the clan as the leader's son
CRUSH: BumbleBee Flowers
6.NAME: BumbleBee Flowers
STORY: Found out in the wild missing an ear (no one knows why) in a puddle of blood crying. Lost her tail in a fight with a bear fighting over the last berries on a bush(she was starving.)(no parents :()
CRUSH:No one because she goes in and out of life and imagination to much to see anything plus is also to sensitive
7.NAME: Strawberry Splotches
STORY: Born in the clan became an apprentice to the medic.
CRUSH:Stains Pine
8.NAME:Grapes Freshings
STORY: Deputies only kit and has no mother she went missing one day...
CRUSH:Strawberry Splotches
BASE: :iconleafstep:
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Just saying, these are amazing
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thanks and welcome to DA!
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Thahe llama badge <3 how do you submit art? it wont let me
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go to your page and click submit art or go to the top of the screen where it say submit art, then cluck upload pictures choose a file name it, give a description and the  choose a catergory the pic fits in :D
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THANKS! i posted one, its harder than i expected, i animate, but on deviant art its harder
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ya know, you can use any paint app or download or whatever you have to draw with, all you have to do is save it and then upload it
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oh, can I breed my OC Wafflepaws with all of them once?
Once I can get a better picture if her up.
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