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Can any of you get hold of some oberto beef jerky with the gears of war code on it? I really want the tai kaliso unlock and theres no way i can get it in the UK.

If anyone on the other side of the pond wants to get me a code and mail it my way then ill do them a free sketch of their choosing.

Big Love

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Im open for commissions again, mostly 'cus the Kapow comicon is just round the corner and I want money to blow.

So im offering dirt cheap commissions. Anything that tickles your fancy,

Head and torso shote £20

Full Bodies £35

Anything you want full size on comic board £80

Just drop me a comment or a message, and be paypal friendly

Big love, and if your at Kapow ill see you there
  • Listening to: ACDC
  • Reading: Blood and Gold
  • Watching: Avengers, for the 3rd time already
  • Playing: MW3
I dont know who actually reads these but if you do and you are an inker or know of one, and your near break out level and would like to work over my pencils then please send me a note. Ive had some work come along for a 40 page one shot that will pay per page.

So as i said drop me a note and I'll check your stuff out and we can go from there

Big love
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This is mostly an apology to all the lovely people who have been browsing adding faving and commenting on my stoof. I havent been onto of my messages so if you have given my work some love and i havent sent anyback this is me saying im sorry, i appreciate all the faves and the comments even more so, Ill try to stay ontop of this. no new pics up yet, but have a lil Kraven action in the mean time.
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Ive for some reason become completely obsessed with Crossbones of Marvel cmoics Thunderbolts fame, I have 3 custom figures (one of which will be for sale) plus 2 completely different styles of sketch going. I know this is a bit of a rubbish update but i felt i should none the less. Anyone else got any artisitic obsessions at the mo?
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Ok, new month new post, I finally got round to putting all my custom action figures up. So If your already on my facebook or figurerealm then i apologise for any doubles. If any of you want a custom figure made to order I am taking commissions at this time. Sorry for the shameless plug but we all gotta eat.
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I have 2 lamas

They were given to me as gifts

I dont understand Lamas

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Hey peoples.

I've finally gotten my shit together and moved into the studio at last. Now i should be cracking on, as soon as I've got my future quake strip in I shall be getting back onto any of those commisions that have been waiting in the wings. If any of you are waiting on me thanks for your patience and I will make them extra pretty thanks to my new and codusive work space. Likewise Tom, I'll try and get more Union pencils for you to ink up. Big thanks to Adam for lettin me do a Marvel team up in said studio.

In other news I'm pondering headin to Bristol for the con, anyone fun going? I need to whore my zombie comic so it wont be too bad an idea for me to attend

Peace out bitches

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hey guys n girls

i know its been ages since i posted but ive been a busy bust bunny, with 2 small press strips, an old webcomic finally going live plus im organisin a zombie anthology. More on all of the above as and when they are completed.

Id also like to thank everyone who popped by to artists alley last moth at the birmingham memorabilia show, thanks to those of you who bought sketches from me as all the money has gone to a good charity:) special thanks to lee for pilling me in and kat for lookin after me n my partner in crime tom wilson.

Im gonna be shamelessly whoarin myself out as and when all my new projects cum into fruition so apologies in advance

Peace out

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I've been going through a Tim Bradstreet phase recently as you probably can tell, i love the guys work and the results speak for themselves.

Gota get my stuff together for Bulgaria this weekend, as its the first ever bulgarian comics festival.

Should be...intersting to say the least
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The con went well this time, tho i did spend most of it either hung over, drunk, sleep deprived or emotionally arrested. Spose i should channel some of these vibes into my work. I hope someones gonna be okay, they know who they are
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Things might be okay, eventually, just gotta iron out a few kinks, and get myself in order.

Does anyone even read these things?
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Isn't it amazing how everythig can go to shit within a week. Still I do have a few new awesome people in my ife, so all is not lost.
Here we go, finally bothered to set up an account, had an awesomely arty day so it felt fitting to get round to signing up, lets see where we can go from here.
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