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Many, Many Mega Men

It started as a cure for boredom at work, and then I just got obsessed. If you include the turret and companion cube from Portal, there are 100 classic, famous, or otherwise significant video game characters depicted in the original classic Mega Man format that we all know and love so much. I'll take requests for future updates if anyone thinks of somebody cool I left off!

To see it in all its massive, full-size glory, click it to make it bigger, then right click and select "Open in New Tab." You should be able to zoom in beautifully then. Pixels the size of gorillas.

As a response to anyone who thinks I am pirating sprites, I do NOT claim to have designed the original Mega Man sprite after which these are patterned. However, I DID build each of these myself (meaning I didn't just recolor some image I found on google).
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This is just epic! Being a fan myself of the original Family Computer Rockman / Megaman games myself, this obsessive art rendition of your is a welcome treat for all avid multi-generational gamers out there.
Hey bro, I caught a glimpse of this genius while searching for sprites for the banner on my youtube channel. Would it be ok with you if I used a few of em? I'd be sure to mention you and link your page in my description area.
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FYI, I use the Crash Bandicoot one as my avatar everywhere. ;)
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Rock on
8-bit MEGAMAN style RULEZZZ!!!!
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By the way its great work!!!
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Is it ok to make bead sprites of your work? Did you do the Ninja Turtles?
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Hey there! Would it be ok if I used a few of these sprites for a video I'm working on? I'll credit you and post a link to this page.
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Sure! Thanks for asking permission, and I'd love to see it when it's finished!
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Sure! Thanks for asking permission, and I'd love to see it when it's finished!
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Dude, these are awesome!!! I love them, and I've seen them many, MANY times!
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th..that is EPIC
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cool little sprites
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You should add Luigi
otherwise it's really awesome
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I dont see Starcraft 2 up here but. All of these look awsome!
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You should add Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, Ninja Gaiden, Pokemon, Kirby, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Dead or Alive, Virtua Fighter, Tomb Raider, Pac-man, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, Spyro, Kingdom Hearts, Golden Sun, No More Heroes, Killzone, Call of Duty, Dead Rising, Fire Emblem, Persona, Tales series, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, and that's pretty much all I can think of. I also just randomly wrote all that I can think of. I'm pretty sure you don't know every single series I just named. Also not every one of these are that popular anyway. I still love this pic!
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Hey thanks for the suggestions! I'll give you a little update on the ones you've suggested.
Firstly, a handful of those have actually already been added in this one: [link] The ones you mentioned that were added were Resident Evil 4, Splinter Cell, Ninja Gaiden, more Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Pac-Man, Spyro, Kingdom Hearts, No More Heroes, Call of Duty, Dead Rising, Fire Emblem, Phoenix Wright, and dozens more.
The ones you've suggested that aren't on there are either on my big to-do list, or they've already been added to a spread I haven't released yet.
So far, in addition to the ones in that newer version that is openly available on my page, I've also done sprites for Bubsy, Snoopy's Flying Ace, Animal Crossing, Deus Ex, Thief, Rocket Knight, Red Steel 2, Red Faction, Castlevania, Toejam and Earl, Scribblenauts, Shenmue, more Uncharted, Commander Keen, Resistance, Killzone, Jet Set Radio, Professor Layton, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, Quake, Prototype, Bionic Commando, more Halo, more Resident Evil, and a crapton of Batman characters. I'll be posting it once I've tackled more of the requests =)
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This is coool :)
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Many characters do miss, but wel.. it is a decades old industry e speak of.
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[link] Here are some more!
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this is just stunning work !!!
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