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I made another thing by CaptainShcabula I made another thing :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 7 6 I made a thing by CaptainShcabula I made a thing :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 3 9 AAAAAA #A - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by CaptainShcabula AAAAAA #A - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 0 3 Sketch #4: Steven by CaptainShcabula Sketch #4: Steven :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 4 4 Sketch #3: Ella by CaptainShcabula Sketch #3: Ella :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 3 6 Sketch #2: The Purple Guy (UPDATED) by CaptainShcabula Sketch #2: The Purple Guy (UPDATED) :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 1 1 Sketch #1: Amythest by CaptainShcabula Sketch #1: Amythest :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 4 5 YAY.m64 thumbnail by CaptainShcabula YAY.m64 thumbnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 5 5 Belle.m64 thumbnail by CaptainShcabula Belle.m64 thumbnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 0 0 ARTIST.m64 thumnail by CaptainShcabula ARTIST.m64 thumnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 1 5 Dollarluigi.m64 Thumbnail by CaptainShcabula Dollarluigi.m64 Thumbnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 2 3 Gameactive.m64 Thumbnail by CaptainShcabula Gameactive.m64 Thumbnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 1 0 Captain.m64 thumbnail by CaptainShcabula Captain.m64 thumbnail :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 2 0 This isn't home! by CaptainShcabula This isn't home! :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 2 4 Super Mario 69: Season two teaser #2 by CaptainShcabula Super Mario 69: Season two teaser #2 :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 1 6 Super Mario 69: Season two Teaser by CaptainShcabula Super Mario 69: Season two Teaser :iconcaptainshcabula:CaptainShcabula 1 1


welp i had to share this by UltimateStudios welp i had to share this :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 8 0 CaptainShcabula Channel Thing by UltimateStudios CaptainShcabula Channel Thing :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 10 5 2nd Annual Mario Kart Tourney with Friends by UltimateStudios 2nd Annual Mario Kart Tourney with Friends :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 14 36 Steven the Cool Kid by Le-Poofe Steven the Cool Kid :iconle-poofe:Le-Poofe 34 15 RIP Satoru Iwata by UltimateStudios RIP Satoru Iwata :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 25 21 Battle Ready by Le-Poofe Battle Ready :iconle-poofe:Le-Poofe 143 47 MLP Base 1# Wat's that on ye flank.. by Applejack-Bases MLP Base 1# Wat's that on ye flank.. :iconapplejack-bases:Applejack-Bases 10 0 Dance with me by Le-Poofe Dance with me :iconle-poofe:Le-Poofe 223 45 We fight Together! by Le-Poofe We fight Together! :iconle-poofe:Le-Poofe 152 57 Love like You by Le-Poofe Love like You :iconle-poofe:Le-Poofe 360 62
Writing Tips: Ideas/Ideas To Plot
To a professional writer, artist, painter, programmer, whatever, what is the value of a good idea? And for simplicity's sake, let's give it a monetary value. How much money would you pay for one good idea? How much money should you pay for one good idea? The answer? Nothing. An idea on its own is worthless. I could give you one-hundred ideas for a dollar and you're still being ripped off. And yes, immediately I'll say that's why no one who is working on a game or movie or whatever needs a dedicated "idea guy." If you're looking to be that person, I have an idea myself: get a skill that can actually contribute bringing that idea to life.
Why is that? Well... for starters, ideas are the byproduct of functions you do every day. Paying for an idea is like paying for someone else's carbon dioxide. Also, to top that off, any idea that anyone else comes up with is free for you to use. You don't need to worry about even the strictest copyright system in the world, because no one would p
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 330 32
Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared by UltimateStudios Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared :iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 41 25 Plumbers Don't Wear Crowns (Update) by Daniel-SG Plumbers Don't Wear Crowns (Update) :icondaniel-sg:Daniel-SG 1,387 298
Growing Around Animation Sample
So, we've got some sample animation and voice acting. It's nowhere near complete, but for people who have been impatient here it is. Just click the link below. We've still got quite the ways to go, but it's only a matter of time until the pilot is complete now that we've got :iconAnimatedBeing: on our team as our animator.
Growing Around Animation (Sally)
and this:
Growing Around Animation (Robert & Linda)
:iconmrenter:MrEnter 29 60
Does anyone else have this problem?
:iconultimatestudios:UltimateStudios 1 17


  • Playing: Five Nights at 's Freddy's 3
"Uhh, hello, hello!?!? Hey! How's it going? You're doing great! Have you heard of the new anamatronic? His name is Captain FoxFang the pirate! Umm... He seems to be a little... Glitchy at the moment... If he shows up anywhere near your office, you should probably just shine a bright light at him! So uhh, anyway! I'm not sure if you know, but There's been a small incident this morning, and we may have to close the restaurant for... A few days... For now, just come to work, unless told otherwise by myself... Alright! Have a good night!

Foxy becomes active on this night.


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Captain Shcabula
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I may or may not start doing actual art soon. But be warned that it's not very good.


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