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My Third Tattoo XD

By CaptainSeven
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I absolutely adore it. It's also on ABT's site.


Thanks so much to Jet!

Oh, and in reference to comments I got on the other site, No, it has NOTHING to do with kingdom hearts even though I love gaming, and it's inspired by the lock on my grandmother's hope chest. It, in a way, symbolizes all of my well kept secrets. Which is why it's on my wrist, rather than my chest, It's NOT one of those "lock my heart away" tattoos.
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I love your tattoo! I wanna tell you that I have a similar one. Here…
You was my exemplar when I went to the tattoo parlor ^^
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I love it xD It's so original and amazing <3
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that's some incredble detail. (:
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Thanks. I'm proud of it. Jet did an amazing job
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Absolutely awesome:]
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nice idea! cool picture
Corey2022's avatar
this looks awesome!
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This actually has to be one of the best tattoos I've ever seen! It's not big and fancy but it's just so cool, original and can have so much meaning!
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lol thank you very much! I'm rather proud of it myself. The tattoo artist that did it is about to do my wings and I cant wait.
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I love it. Very unique! :]
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You're welcome! :)
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Wow, that is gorgeous. About how much did it cost?
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Thanks! It would have been about 120 normally but I was the apprentice so i got it for 90
thisisashipwreck's avatar
You're welcome! :)
Oh, that's a pretty decent price.
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That's awesome shading and detail.
MasonsRage's avatar
Very SEXXXY!!!:D I dig that!
CaptainSeven's avatar
Thanks. I like yours better. You should dress like that and meet me lol... You might get molested though... O.O
MasonsRage's avatar
How would you have me dress??? I might just do that...Hahahahaaa
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