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Favourite genre of music: power metal, techno
Favourite style of art: pixal
Operating System: paint
Favourite cartoon character: donald duck
Personal Quote: "i didn't do it" XD

♛♚♝♞♟♜♚♛ ►►►►►►▲✔▲✔▲✔ ☣ ~♪~♫~♪~♫~
ok, back to business. now then, next are the support members, those who will help when i need more brains than brawns, or in my case: trickery or defense. 

so, for starters, i thought i would pick someone who would be great if i wasn't around as a wall and luckily for us, we got the best wall besides me: Bartolomeo!… (before i move on, alot of my supporters are mainly Devil fruit users, so don't be surprised). anyway, yeah, Barto's handy barrier powers will work nicely when i can't protect our ship or fellow crew members since they are indestructible as long as he crosses his fingers. sure, up to this point, we don't know the full limits outside of how long the barrier can stretch, but i'll take that over breaking any day. 

next up, i thought it would be nice to pick a Doctor. though i barely get sick, i don't want to take any chances, and due to my own rules taking over, i can't pick Chopper and i personally don't want Law (merely cause EVERYONE! picks him), but!~ i got the next best character for the job: Dr. Kureha yes! another "family" member that thought a Straw Hat, but why not? she has over 100 years under her belt of medical training and clearly knows how to hold her own. sure, it was mainly flinging weapons at Luffy, Sanji and the rest, but she clearly knows what's she's doing. besides, she's not a fighter, she's a doctor mainly so that's why she's here. 

the next member i would choose is another Captain, but if he wasn't he would be a great strategist and sneak attacker i would recommend: Capone Bege… i think mainly due to his powers of being a castle man, he can be very sneaky with how he can enter a base and a horde of men can attack from inside him. not only that but he has some guts to go up to yonkos and try to kill them off. if he was part of the crew, he would be one sly fox.

speaking of~ i thought of another Captain that would be a great deal of use on my crew: Foxy grant it, another "weak" character for support, but not why i chose him: his powers of stopping time for short periods of time would make us very powerful. sure, only like 30 seconds of time, but that's enough time to kind a horde of marines to the ground. not only that but he is tricky like a fox, always coming up with weird techniques and weapons that would help on the ship if we are attacked. 

my 5th member on the support list is one not many people really like, if anything he is kind of forgotten. but! he has a unique power i would use to great effect: Caribou… sure, his not the mot trustworthy member i could think of, and grant it he was a bit of a scumbag, but~ his swamp swamp powers, pretty much being a quicksand person, would be very useful. not only because of his ability to slither in where most of my crew can't and his ability to hold down large amounts of enemies, but his ability to hold in items and even humans without killing them is very useful indeed. not only that but with a bounty over 100 million, i would assume his no pushover either, but like most of the crew here, he would mainly be of support use. 

and so we come to the final member of my crew and i think i left the best for last: Perona. now this is my Waifu from the show but shush! that's not why i chose her! not only does her power allow her to float though walls, helping in observing opponents or sneaking into places, but her negative ghosts would be the main attractions in my ultimate attack! you see~ if you've been paying attention, alot of my crew members have crazy but effective powers~ most of which help in getting rid of huge amounts of enemies at once. so~ with Perona as my final member i chose, she would easily be the first to attack, leaving the group defenseless, on their knees wishing they weren't born. than comes Caribou holding them in place with his swamp powers and than Foxy stops them completely! than with a few blows from the rest of the crew, mainly the fighters and myself, they would go down in 30 seconds. PURE GENIUS!!! of course leaving Bartolomeo to protect us of course~ hehehe as you can see, if those seen as weak can be of use! 

anyway~ that aside, this would be my crew. nothing fancy with crew members like Zoro or Aokiji, but i think i got my point across. hope you didn't mind the long reads and though i am meant to tag people, i can't think of anyone on the spot. so, if your reading this, give your own thoughts if you wish. ^_^ 
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