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Yahoo's Spanish site has now also taken an interest in my art! Long live MS Paint!…
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Thanks to Lisa Eadicicco at Business Insider for taking an interest in my work and in all the other great work done by MS Paint enthusiasts!…
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No big deal!…
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Hey Friends,

My MS Paint art will be featured in an upcoming RAW Artists: Boston showcase on August 25th. If there are any Boston deviants around, tickets are only ten bucks! Come on by!…

-- The Captain
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Last night I posted my first ever completed comic book page, created as usual 100% in Microsoft Paint. It's actually the second page of a 15 page story I wrote, but as a proof of concept I wanted to finish a full page with multiple panels first, instead of the opening single-image splash page.

It was a lot of work! Working off and on, it took about two and a half weeks. This of course is far too long to produce a single finished page if I want to attempt to make a full time thing of this. However, that two and a half week period consisted mostly of lunch hours and one or two hours after work maybe 3 nights a week at best. Also, considering this was my first ever page, I'm fairly encouraged.

God knows when the entire thing will be done, but I'm going to do it, pixel by bloody pixel.

- The Captain
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In the past four days I have drawn almost fifty dinosaurs in MS Paint.

That is all...
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I thought I should write another journal entry since my first one was literally years ago.

A few things first- thanks to everyone who sends nice comments and favorites my stuff. I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement. DeviantArt is much friendlier than the imgurs and Reddits of the world. I don't think I've ever had to actually prove that my stuff is MS Paint on here, which says a lot about the users.

Which brings me to the subject of this journal entry: MS Paint itself and my relationship with it. Why MS Paint? My history with Paint is a long one, going all the way back to 1995 when my aunt bought my family our first computer, a Compaq Presario. It was a beast! I had always loved drawing before that, and taught myself mostly. I thought paint was cool (and promptly used to to draw a sadly long-lost MS Painting of the Terminator's infrared view screen from Terminator 2), but even at a young age I saw its glaring drawbacks; to this day a straight diagonal line makes me cringe. So I ignored it for a while, as I did drawing in general, to my own expense.

Fast forward to 2004, when I was working overnights as a security guard at a hospice. After a while I got bored of reading ghost stories on the old Weird NJ website and had to find some other way to pass the time. I'm not a gaming fan, so Solitaire and Minesweeper and most of eBaum's world were out. So I opened MS Paint, found a Google image of Galadriel from The Fellowship of the Rings (early 2000s I was predictably mad for everything Tolkien) and started drawing.

I didn't finish that one, but to my surprise I found it didn't look awful (or rather, it DID, but not for an MS Painting).

Since then I've tried to push MS Paint as far as it will stretch. I don't like Photoshop because I'm truthfully not very good with computers. All those options send my mind reeling. I've tried going back to traditional drawing, but my stuff never comes out the way I want it to that way, unlike in Paint, where it usually, inexplicably, does.

People have asked me to put up tutorials, but I never get around to it. The best advice I can give would be to make the canvas size as big as you can (I got a larger, separate monitor just for MS Painting work and the canvas sizes are still usually double the size of the screen), the line tool should account for 85-90% of everything you do, and don't skip the details just to finish a piece and get it out there.

That's it for now. Still working on new paintings and designing what I hope becomes an MS Paint comic book. Also have started doing commissions for friends and family. If you'd like to commission something, let me know and I'll be happy to do it (as long as it isn't one of the million cartoon foxes or dogs that everyone seems to draw in Paint. Can someone explain to me what that's all about?)

Keep up the good work everyone!
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I thought now might as well be the best time to start a journal here on DA, if for no other reason than to publicly thank HopeInDespair for suggesting my Cherry Hill piece as a Daily Deviation, and PurpelBlur for presenting it. To have had so many people see something I did and leave such nice comments is very encouraging and I'm grateful to you all.

That's basically all I got for now. I'm working on a new MS Painting of course, another illustration of scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I make no bones over my Potter love. I'll post the black and white outline hopefully by the end of the weekend.

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