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It's hard to watch a beautiful heart struggle to beat,
you are strong, beautiful and beloved, my dear.

Though it seems you're under rows and rows of dark clouds,
that the rain in your soul doesn't show signs of stopping,
when you can't look forward, through storms and squalls
and when it hurts so bad to look back at what's been and gone...

Hold tight and shelter here.

I'll be your port in the storm,
I can weather the storms,
I'll stand tall when you can't,
I'll shield you when you're down
and I'll pick you up when you fall.

All this I know doesn't come easily
for someone determined and strong
but I won't judge or decry,
I will stand, I will shelter
I will protect and I'll do whatever I can.

This is where I'm starting,
since you told me you can't write any more
I'll write for you.

I've seen you standing strong,
I've seen you beautiful and confident,
I've seen your lit up eyes,
I've seen your determination.

I've known your love
and you know mine.

So that leaves this;

Every morning you wake,
remember that someone loves you
even if that someone is just me.

And yes, that means this:
I love you.
For someone I love dearly, she knows who she is.
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April 8, 2013
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