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We deal in lies and sarcasm,
substances to effect your affect.
We'll tell you what you want to hear
and stick you with a needle.

Laughter sucks as a real medicine
but it makes the time pass
and that's the real healer.

Fear us, though, the walking dead
in battered trainers, gods my feet hurt
but we can't sit down, we don't have time
therapy calls, they need us

there's others in the office
we laugh and joke about things so bad,
like jaundice, death, insanity
We'd go to hell if it wasn't for the work we do.

Been covered head to foot in everything
from shit to porridge,
tea and coffee
mugs thrown in anger,
dishes dropped through illness
wounds, weeping, puke and urine.

Given time to worried families,
while we miss our own on overtime

We see folks die, we hold their hands
we've sent dudes home who're all better now.

"Here's my hand & here's my heart."
he said as I put him in the taxi
I nodded, said;
"I don't wanna see you again, at least not here."
He cried, that old man, promised me a drink.

I didn't cry, na man, we don't cry.
we just go back up to the ward
get back to the craft
cause sometimes,
we're pretty much the most solid thing left
you know we've got to be, not for ourselves
but for them we work for, care for.

I've been called a screw, a fag,
a waste, a wannabe.
Does it bother me?
Of course, but you'd never know.

We're the 13 hours on shift,
yet still doing overtime
long after the doctors,
the surgeons, everyone else.

We're the fathers, mothers,
wives, husbands,
lovers, loners.

We're the only truth sometimes;
We're genuineness,
we're unconditional positive regard,
we're empathetic.

We always have the time for you,
yet we're the worst liars in the business,
we make promises sometimes we can't keep
but we'll never do harm,
we'll always do the best we can,
for you, the stranger in the bed
for the ones we connect with and the ones we don't.

It was just a book, I'd finished reading it that morning
and you were stuck on the ward, bored.

We're largely forgotten,
mostly under-appreciated
and we work so-damn-hard.

We're nurses.
So do you want tea or coffee?
This happened last month; [link]
I wasn't there, but this is my take on what she said, I believe she's a general nursing student, whereas I'm a psychiatric nurse.
Different perspectives, same message.
rider-on-the-storm Featured By Owner May 22, 2013  Student General Artist
I've been called a screw, a fag,
a waste, a wannabe.
Does it bother me?
Of course, but you'd never know.

Ha, that made me reflect on myself. this is good, keep on pouring them out. Im jealous!
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