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How I got from there to here
How I got from there to here;
After looking and not seeing,
digging for gold and finding silver
thinking that it wasn't good enough
I found my way to a copper toned panic.
Resplendant, shining, beautiful-
and scowling at me
because I refused to wake up
and hid beneath the covers.
She stretches over,
tall and remarkable
and socks me on the arm.
And after;
My words are empty and rendered useless
as she stopped me needing them
the escape is no longer necessary
even in anger, we fix and build.
All my pretty words and clever sentences
my stanza structure and rhyming, rhythm, reason
all washed in black
bleached by her copper tone
her shining self.
All my love gone bad
and my world turned black
now I'm back to who I want to be
because she stands with me
together, nothing works like we do.
How I got from where I was
to where I want to be;
We found a way.
We'll always find a way.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 2 4
I'm alright, Jack.
Step-down obsessive, it's a-raining once again.
No angel wings or sacred prayers are said
we just went and burned the thing.
I talk like you and walk like you
but I'm not like you at all.
Malignancy and maleficence
the wish to do bad, though not necessarily harm
simply for sport, for the amusement of self
because self after all is most important;
So long as I'm alright, Jack...
So the question remains-
as I find myself here again;
Why on earth can't I put you down?
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 1 0
Tin soldiers
Little tin soldiers standing in a row
uniformly, each one standing there alone
We give them something good to die for
and they make it seem beautiful to live.
Tin, toy soldiers standing in a row
all together now, fallen to the floor.
Paint spattered ground
a toybox war.
Weren't you real?
The tin toy soldiers have been sent away
their metal is needed for the war.
We all make sacrifices.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 2 2
Something sweet to throw away
She said she'll throw herself away
we're just writing after all.
A photograph
a time lapse
a secret exchange.
Just something sweet to throw away
and we're gone again,
a long way from home.
Whatever she does,
she won't tell anyone.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 3 5
Mature content
Feelings are for suckers. :iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 5 1
April without rain
Whatever's going to happen to April without the rain,
stuck in deep January, the low light colours
the squalls, the cold and the dark.
In my heart that wishes for spring,
you'll never know each beat's a sigh
in the dark of January morning.
Awaken slow, lethargic, too much sleep
a caffeine hazy, dreary wind chill.
An aching heart you'd never know,
I shall not tell, they shall not know.
A long time passed since then and now
there's nothing between it, there never was.
This worn, discoloured map in my hand,
changes with every new ink run and stain
so much so I can't read it anymore.
As I'm half awake and worlds away
dwelling on my past mistakes,
reliving my wasted days.
I'm brought back to a dark, sullen winter
that's clinging, cloying, refusing to leave.
Spring seems forgotten and summer; a dream.
I've given myself the leave
to be anywhere but here,
this April without the rain.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 2 0
Tired hands
My tired hands cling to broken shards of what was everything-
It's a kind of atonement, what I'm doing now;
I'm making up for the time I spent refusing,
the time I spent abusing and the time I spent using
others for my own selfish ends.
Reality, the hardest kick in the chest
when you're nowhere near where you ought to be
and there's a long way to go to get there
I've sat and counted countless stars
and dreamed of things I wanted
I got nothin' but the dark.
Don't for a moment feel sorry for me
or think that I'm a poor wretched sot
I earned this, I realise now.
Too long spent dreaming not doing
and wasting time, chasing ideals
chasing fantasies, being unreal.
I've smoked out time ill-spent,
wasted days, hopeless days.
Used to be careless, free with a smile,
easy to laugh, easy to please...
Since replaced with concern, dark rings
a raised eyebrow- Jaded.
Tired, my feet twisted like roots,
I stand, sit, concern, converse.
I do, now, for others
what none would ever do for me.
I don't fix, I
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 3 3
Promises and paper stars
It used to be that we weren't in love;
that you were too young and
neither of us understood the words,
the words we carelessly threw
across vast oceans and into deep chasms.
The words we left strewn on the mountaintops
and those we abandoned down in the valleys.
All the words, scattered into the winds
like paper stars or patterned birds
come flying back to roost.
They come home to haunt us,
recalling the promises in paper bags
dissolving in the downpour.
We're alone again and calling the rain
fall, fall and tear the paper hearts
and show us we're not the end of it all
I want to feel free as you stick around
I rattle my chains like a Dickensian spectre
raging and wrathful, the lover scorned.
Well forget all the reasons
and forget all the names-
some vary or change,
locations, descriptions
seasons pass and everything changes.
We loved, we lied, we played pretend
we tried, we faked, we scraped,
and we got what we deserved.
Seventeen scattered, slowly sinking
saturated, stone and snow
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 9 9
 I glanced longingly at a violin today
I took in it's shape, form and it's beauty-
Immediately, I was reminded of you.
The feminine curve of the thing,
not unlike that of your hips.
 It's neck; slender & graceful-
I wanted to touch it,
that it is
linked to you.
 Though the thought struck me
as I stood; bow in hand
that I, (musically talentless)
had no use for the thing
as it's you who makes it sing,
who makes it weep,
who makes it come to life.
 I just write about it and wonder;
would I ever have played at all?
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 1 1
Sparks and smiles.
My heavy heart slowly beats to sad songs
from the battered black radio I keep in my kitchen.
I think of you, can't help but smile,
though sadly, lips like lead.
I guess that I'm simply exhausted
after stealing days with you,
now wishing for more-
and silently hoping that it's not too much,
my exuberance at finding you,
the sparks and smiles,
the insatiable attraction I feel for you.
Never thought I'd find someone I can lie beside and want to wake,
just for a kiss, a smile and a squeeze
but you look so peaceful sleeping beside me.
Gods know I don't sleep much.
Watching you undress in the sunset,
backlit by the golden red rays
the slow smile of yours I love so much
as you ask me if I'm joining you.
Happily would I have spent forever beside you,
in the bed that fit us just right
when my hand found your hip
and down to the small of your back,
you shivered slightly
and pressed your body into mine,
those endless grey eyes looking up at mine,
closed only when you kiss me,
making me say things
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 4 0
For L.C. eleven hours and forty minutes.
For L.C. 11 hours & 40 minutes.
We met on a Saturday, saturated by rain.
Steel grey eyes,
scarlet dress,
scarlet shoes,
crimson hair,
Merlot lips.
Her face punctuated by freckles and a shy, sweet smile-
hours like minutes passed as the raindrops fell;
her skin opalescent in the low, yellow light.
Deep red wine, like mahogany, the colour of her lips-
a taste shyly given; shyly taken.
- A comfort best experienced, indescribable.  
Her arms like slender branches,
her nimble fingers laced through mine.
She kisses my hand,
a sweet, delicate gesture  
unrivalled promise.
A satisfied smile,
looking up at me through her lashes
her hand placed over my heart,
nothing spoken, no words needed
and I turned to water.
Eleven hours and forty minutes later;
we said goodbye and wished for many, many more.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 3 1
Days that never come
Among the hopeless I find myself alive
I live on, despite myself.
Never wanted to be the shade I am.
Colourless, reminding myself,
a union of kin, of kings.
Eternally tomorrow,
the days that never come.
Driven by beating sun,
the sculpted clouds.
I walk the salt covered roads,
arid and parched
skin stretched like vellum.
Acrid, the scent on the inhospitable air
Indian ink and ammonia
Dear companion,
the ghostly light.
I never find the way,
the long way away-
away from these hopeless days.
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 3 3
Scar tissue.
I want to carve my heart from my chest
to prove that I don't love you any more.
I want to show you the place your name was
and show you the scar tissue that remains
I want to watch your eyes as you see
that I'm still bleeding for you.
I want to say your heart would break
or that mine would, but mine's long since gone
replaced by stone, replaced by snow.
I truly hope you're happy and you've forgotten me
because I'm left with the cold and the stone.
Because I'm left alone.
I'm a discarded toy again, tossed back into the box
I'm rags and frayed stitches, I'm missing pieces
I'm blaming you for everything-
because I've forgotten how to feel anything beside this.
I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm wrathful, I'm raging, I'm scared,
I'm broken, I'm alone, I'm a wreckage, I'm small, I'm cold,
I'm bitter, I'm hateful, I'm miserable
& I'm forgetting what it's like to be me.
I still want to burn the book, watch the fire consume the words
maybe I'll smile a broken smile, something bitter and hateful
like I've
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 0 9
Mature content
Shattered glass, discarded promise. :iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 5 4
Mature content
Here's what we do. :iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 3 1
Stand tall, for you.
It's hard to watch a beautiful heart struggle to beat,
you are strong, beautiful and beloved, my dear.
Though it seems you're under rows and rows of dark clouds,
that the rain in your soul doesn't show signs of stopping,
when you can't look forward, through storms and squalls
and when it hurts so bad to look back at what's been and gone...
Hold tight and shelter here.
I'll be your port in the storm,
I can weather the storms,
I'll stand tall when you can't,
I'll shield you when you're down
and I'll pick you up when you fall.
All this I know doesn't come easily
for someone determined and strong
but I won't judge or decry,
I will stand, I will shelter
I will protect and I'll do whatever I can.
This is where I'm starting,
since you told me you can't write any more
I'll write for you.
I've seen you standing strong,
I've seen you beautiful and confident,
I've seen your lit up eyes,
I've seen your determination.
I've known your love
and you know mine.
So that leaves this;
Every morning you wa
:iconcaptainozz:CaptainOzz 4 0


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