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all them watchmen

HEY guess what I've been re-reading

So I started this a while back (as you can see over at my poor old seldom-used livejournal), but just yesterday remembered it and decided to finish

This is pretty much the worst tribute ever to the best comic ever, but I couldn't help myself

I guess RETARDED is my natural medium

though I do think I captured the inner machinations of Adrian's magnificent brain pretty well with that expression

Anyway, yeah

watchmans is ©alan moore & dave gibbons
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© 2009 - 2021 captainosaka
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I don't know whats going on, but I think the Comedian's been smoking something.
WoodSpider's avatar
No,no you've captured the essence of watchmen perfectly. 
This is how i remembered it all!
hanzo66's avatar
So... Ozymandias is now Dio Brando?

"Ooh, you'll never stop me or my plans, Walter-boy! I did it 35 minutes ago!"
Faillen's avatar
Best version EVER
erikforever's avatar
I love this picture, especially Dan. His facial expression makes me laugh
CoreyAMurray's avatar
"I did it thirty-five minutes ago."
samanthawong's avatar
This is hilarious but I love it and all the characters! :)
Matholwch's avatar
Ozzy's pinky should've stuck out. But whatever.
transformersgirl84's avatar
HOLY CRAP. You are a god. This is just perfect. B'aww, little Nite Owl. Forever a fatty. :heart:
twyllia's avatar
wow dude! i thinks it's pretty cool! nite owl II i kinda' fatty?
ZeFlyingMuppet's avatar
I love this!!
it looks like Adrian/Ozymandias has the trollface xD
Manhattan's pose is classic >w<
Laurie looks bored to hell D:<
Dan is just standin' there with his coffee
the Comedian looks psycho as hell xD
And finally (my Fave) Rorschach looks ready to kill some German-Shepherd-owners, Little-Girl-Killing bastards xD
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noko-noko's avatar
Adrian has a troll face
TahuBlade7's avatar
My God I love you.

Veidt's face is pure win, and I love how you drew Nite Owl.
schlach-uffn-kopp's avatar
this is so funny:D well done!
Super-Josh's avatar
This is super funny. Love Doc Manhattan.
bobuzumaki's avatar
haha this is great!
bobuzumaki's avatar
i wonder, veidt looks so gay in this pic!
KillBillVol2's avatar
wtf is this I love it. <3
hafsah124's avatar
XD Rorschach looks ready for crime fightin. I dunno about any one else. LOL
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