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Pokemon GO - Dog Park

By captainosaka

Here we have our Pokemon Go gym leaders doin’ their thing at the dog park

I love how instantaneously Spark was decided to be a complete wastoid dingbat, it’s very endearing and almost has me renouncing my Mystic affiliation for Instinct

also HEY BEEN A WHILE HASN’T IT?? crazy how all it took for me to start drawing again was the overwhelming impact of a staggeringly massive international phenomenon. Hope you’ve all been well! We’ll talk soon 

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This would be a thing in there world, just like ours too.
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Hey, welcome back! 
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Does anyone not see what spark is holding
Like *INHALES* just trust your instincts mannnnn
That's really bad for the Jolteon if he's going to smoke that in front of it. Some should call Officer Jenny immediately!
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I was going to join team Mystic but in the end I was like Na............I joind the red One lol My biggest Pokémon related Regret
Kouramiki's avatar
Hey! Team Valor's best
bananaba's avatar
Not my style Power is just not me
Kouramiki's avatar
I kinda want to be on team instinct. It was hard to choose between valor and instinct.
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Oh it represents power? Oh... Yeah me neither. But oh well
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I joined team aqua
bananaba's avatar
I wanna join team yellow XD
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The twist from Blanche's strict expression to Spark's face is just.. XD
Captain, you've returned! We've missed you!
HowlerTheEvilKitten1's avatar
Somehow I can imagine Chris Pratt voicing Spark screaming angrily that the "electric-mutt is stealing my goddamn cheeseburger again!!"
This is perfect!  I have been Instinct from day one - and we would welcome you into the dignbat fold anytime! :D
Your style here reminds me of Scott Pilgrim a bit, and I love it! 
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As a proud member of Team Instinct I can say yes... This is incredibly accurate XD
BriMerry's avatar
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Oh my god you came back from the dead. HUZZAH. WELCOME TO POKEMON HELL :D
MaggieCandy's avatar
Is Spark wearing the Millennium Puzzle?
MaggieCandy's avatar
Hilarious! Also, is that a giant bong he has?
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