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Good night, it has been 10 years since this premiered. Still one of the very best :thumbsup:

Not ashamed to say I got kinda wistful drawing these goobers again after so long

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what an experience ^^ Gainax's goodbye masterpiece :D

Your art style works perfectly depicting the show in its most wacky side, and is perfect for a crew pic like this... I love how most of the guys in the Dai Gurren brigade are so memorable, even if maybe they have 1 line of dialogue and are almost never named, that by the end of the show they feel like family, or like you knew em for a lifetime :D
also the main protagonists chara design became a classic the moment the show came out (Kamina legendary boisterous badassery, and how perfect Yoko is in being both a super hot fanservice bomb but also a character so relatable you can even put her atomic sensuality in second place -and that's a big achievement by the writers- )
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wow if I hadn't bought the book I wouldn't know about the gloriousness that is Double K. Sure hope it can be re-uploaded somewhere else. It's way too sad to have it be unreadable online.
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holy heck its been 10 years already!? god I love these guys and your drawing. 
Your art style is like none I have ever seen! I hope you've received my note and reply back, I would like to see what your art style would look like with my story's characters! Also, pierce the heavens while you're at it!
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I first watched TTGL back in one of my local TV channels a year after it premiered. Needless to say, TTGL brings out the best and the pinnacle of manliness.
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A decade already
Great to see them in your artstyle again, just got a flashback to Double K
Yeah, I'm Currently rewatching it right now on Netflix, I know it cant come back for more episodes, but I wonder what happened to Double K. That was literally the most testosterone thing on the internet.
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Jo!!! Jo!!! fight to Power
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Pierce the Heavens... And all that.

Nice job!
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Man, I miss those days
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Seeing captainosaka pop up in my notifications is surreal. Hope to see more from you, be it Gurren Lagann/Double K or otherwise.
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Frick, ten years? @.@ Awesome tribute
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Great work on the colors and shadowing!
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So the next one we can expect is a 10 years of not making Double K picture?

seriously that comic was an artform
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10 years later and I'm still introducing friends to the series, thus making their lives better in the process.
By the way, great picture captain! Everyone's looking so adorable here! Gonna have to reread your comics for old times' sake!
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when will double k rise again
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What a pleasant surprise! Great to see such a solid anniversary piece from you! :heart:

1) This whole thing
2) Rossiu and Darry being skeptical about this "group photo" ordeal while Gimmy is PEAK GIMMY.
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Wow! Has it really been 10 years since GL first appeared!? I remember my first time watching gurren lagann, it was back when syfy used to have that ani-monday block. You never forget your first when it comes to gurren lagann.
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Wow, has it really been 10 years since TTGL?  0.0
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That reminds me, what ever happened to that buddy-cop comic you where making?
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